It’s time Albany finally returns to government of, by, and for the people – not government bought and paid for by fat cat special interests — and it’s on the verge of happening. Join RepresentUs members and The Stamp Stampede, led by Ben Cohen (Co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream) in Albany to bring the heat (and fun) needed to push this effort over the top! We’ve got a money suit with your name on it, and we need you to join us.

When: 12 Noon, Wednesday, June 5th, 2013
Where: West Capitol Park, Albany, NY
What: Press Conference and fun money suit rally with the Stamp Stampede and Free Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream!
Why: Pressure Governor Cuomo and the NY Legislature to pass the NY Fair Elections Act — get big money corruption out of politics and springboard the issue of corrupt elections onto the national stage.

Join hundreds of us in Albany wearing money suits to pressure their legislature to pass the NY Fair Elections Act, take power away from the special interests and give it back to the voters. Get loud and lend your support to the fight for Fair Elections in New York. This is important, and we need you to be part of it.

This law has a real chance of winning, but only if we the people ramp up the pressure in these next few weeks. This law could have a ripple effect that would propel the American Anti Corruption Act forward… so we need your help!

We are lending our support to Citizen Action, Common Cause and the Strong Economy for All coalition to put on this event. You being there could make the difference in this groundbreaking legislation!

We will have a FREE bus leaving Northampton at 9 AM from the Sheldon Field Park and Ride (51 Old Ferry Road and Rt 9) to take you all to Albany! It should be an exciting opportunity to meet other folks in Western Mass who care about this issue and support what could be a groundbreaking Act in Albany!