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The good people at Bonnaroo wanted to pitch in and help us fight government corruption, so they’re giving away 2 free tickets to help us get the word out and promote our cause. We are a national, non-partisan campaign to combat the corrupting influence of money in politics — head on over to our about page to learn more about who we are and what we do. You can pitch in too! Share this page right now and help our movement grow: 

What do free tickets to Bonnaroo have to do with political corruption?

Bonnaroo give us an extraordinary opportunity to spread our message and build the huge political movement we’ll need to create the kind of change we’re after. In addition to giving away the tickets, festival organizers have invited our Director, Josh Silver, to address a crowd full of people who otherwise might never hear about our campaign. They’re also letting us set up our “Run For Congress Simulator” (look for the 12-foot-tall inflatable capitol building). It’s pretty great. We’re committed to changing the conversation around corruption. This isn’t some insider-y issue that only people in Washington should care about — It’s an issue that affects every American, every day. Whether you care about smaller government or climate change, the first issue we’ve all got to deal with is fixing the system of corruption that’s running (and ruining) our country. It’s time to make our government represent us.