A Movement
Of, By + For The People

A Movement
Of, By + For The People

February 5th, 2014: Represent.Us premiers a 3-minute short film at Amnesty International’s landmark “Bringing Human Rights Home” mega-concert.

Our message: You shouldn’t have to buy access to your own government. That’s why we’re building a movement big enough to force our leaders to stop answering to special-interest cronies and start answering to the people.

America’s government is bought. Those who can throw campaign fundraisers and hire lobbyists get better treatment from our elected leaders than those who can’t. We refuse to accept that this is how our country should work.

Here are a few things you can do right now to help fight back:

  • SIGN the petition. Click “Add My Name” to join over 426,000 Americans in support of the American Anti-Corruption Act, a proposal that would overhaul campaign finance, lobbying, and ethics laws.
  • SHARE this page on Facebook, Twitter, Email… everywhere. Help build a movement big enough to hold politicians accountable.
  • LEARN the details of the American Anti-Corruption Act, as well as our plan to get it passed.
  • VOLUNTEER across America. We’re organizing district-by-district because real political power comes from real people on the ground. Click here to join us.

We’d love to know what you think. Join the discussion on Facebook.

  • Useyourheadnow

    What is “The Plan”? I have signed the petition and read the entire site, but, I do not see “a plan”. I see a lot of goals and a laundry list of things you (and I) don’t like, but I do not see “a plan”.

    Spending time and money revealing corruption is a waste of time. We all know it exists, so squandering precious resources to prove what we already know is amateur-hour. The “powers that be” rely on the complexity and expense of exposing them and moreover, prosecuting them to a conviction, as a means of protection. Kind of like in WWII when Patton remarked that, “they can come root us out, but it will cost them one of theirs for every one of ours; what’s victory worth to them”? RepresentUs cannot get embroiled in the trap laid in the wide open.

    And finally. For a group that purports to be non-partisan, aligning yourself with every possible liberal entertainer, talking head and pundit, you alienate the conservatives who would consider joining. As you well know, cronyism is a bi-partisan disease, with the right and left partaking like hogs at the trough. Our current leadership, Obama, Reid and Boehner are most wonderful examples of it.

  • Merlinsscience


    Agreed on much of everything. I even went to the link “The Plan” on this site and found nothing of substance, other than a few goals (coming soon). And, the ridiculous video “Caught on tape: fake lobbyist embarrasses himself on video” is still on this site… Seriously? The only person shamed in that video was the dimwit that thought it would actually work. This 3- minute video isn’t bad, though it uses a lot of imagery that had little to do with “earning what we’ve accomplished” as the Voice over would lead you to believe we were seeing. How about some images of the revolutionary and civil war or WWII? We see the Deepwater Horizon burning, just as we are being told that the oil and gas industry is the Devil, but we seem to have forgotten to tell people that oil, gas and coal actually facilitated the industrial revolution! Because of that, we are here now, calling it evil? This message sounds like it was written by children who never knew hard times and the “hard times” they are experiencing now are less like the great depression and more like a weekend without their Play Station.

    • Useyourheadnow

      That video actually pi$$es me off. I get the point, but the execution makes me think “college prank”, not “gotcha”. I wish they’d remove it.

      • Merlinsscience

        Agreed. Would stop poking at oil and gas, would increase poking at hedge funds, insurance and financial groups. Greed is the issue- not money.

  • Merlinsscience

    Come to think of it, maybe I’m being a touch mean-spirited. I realize that times are tough, but the social safety net is so big that there is nowhere near the suffering endured in previous “down economies”. So I will limit my commentary to the video only.

    The video would have us believe that marching, protest and “organizing” is the solution to many of our problems (past, present and future). Sure, it raises awareness, but ACTUAL CHANGE cannot be tracked back to marching, chanting, organizing and sit-ins. It can, however, be tracked back to voters removing worthless politicians, forcing politicians to vote with their constituency and voter education. Unlike the indoctrination policies of the far left and right, claiming to be “voter education”, I mean REAL EDUCATION. Non-partisan, in their face unadulterated facts that leave no room for cover. Showing the constituents their voting records, call logs, visitor logs, trip logs, tax records and interviews. Then, let the voters decide if they “feel represented” or not.

    Playing the money game against sitting politicians is worthless. Just give us the facts and let our logical brains, not our emotional hearts, do the work.

    • Frannie

      The only way we have ever changed things, like the vote for women, was to march & let them know we are angry with what is going on. The system must be chained and they won’t do it unless their feet are held to the fire. It is the ONLY thing that has worked.

      • Useyourheadnow

        Actually, check your history, marching was not the catalyst for change… Do a little research and don’t rely on urban mythology to inform you.

      • Merlinsscience

        Wow- I don’t think so. The women’s suffrage movement began in 1878 with marches, sit-ins, protests and the like; didn’t work. By 1900, the movement began making progress when men and women working together started harassing the courts with equal protection lawsuits. It started working locally and then through lobbying began working at the state levels. By 1917 (I think) 19-20 states had changed their laws to allow women to vote in state elections. From there, the movement picked up steam as lobbying and court battles wore the states down. When NY state changed their law, the president changed his position and signaled the House to approve- the senate approved two weeks later.

        So, protests and similar activities played a small role in the beginning (education), collaboration and strategy amongst competent and experienced voters is what brought the 19th amendment to fruition.

        • Useyourheadnow

          That’s what I should have said, but I get impatient with people who don’t do their own research. I get tired of doing it for them.

          • Merlinsscience

            Always happy to help.

        • Justicia

          I think this analysis misses the importance of social protest in changing cultural attitudes and norms. As long as the status quo is perceived as “natural” and “fair,” or at least tolerably so, there is no impetus for change.

          When organized voices of protest become mobilized masses of people fighting for a principle we say we believe in then our moral frames get readjusted. Things that were once tolerable (slavery, child labor, denial of civil rights to women, blacks, gays) become unacceptable. That’s when the ground shifts in politics and the courts.

    • Useyourheadnow

      You mean we can’t beat the Ministry of Propaganda at their own game, so why bother trying? And, we can’t outspend the various lobbyists, so why bother trying? Good advice. If you are saying, “play our own game and force them to play it from their back foot”, then I agree.

  • BringIt

    What is the Plan? What are the laws we want changed to correct this? What are the Constitutional amendments proposed? When is the massive Unifiying March by millions planned to keep the momentum going or increasing??

    • Arizona Eagletarian

      Check the links at the top of the page?

      • Merlinsscience

        Yes- we did that… Did you? “the plan” is light (absent) on detail and heavy on “coming soon”.

  • Phil

    It’s a start. I support the effort. It needs to be very tough. Be tough and ready for a battle. The big money people will find a way to circumvent, obstruct and demonize those that oppose them.

    • Useyourheadnow

      I support the idea, not the effort (thus far) as I deem it to be amateurish to the point of fecklessness. Sorry to be so bold, but, that’s my thought on the subject. The “About Us” tab leads me to believe that there are a couple of people involved who may have an idea of what they’re doing, but I have yet to see it. The “Anti-corruption Act” is written in manifesto language, not legislative language- it can never become law in its current state. I applaud the effort to raise awareness and the idea that corruption knows no political boundaries; I’m a fan of that. What I would like to see now is some real effort, with real talented investigative reporters who have experience on The Hill who know the ins & outs of legislation. Look to some of the larger regional papers, like the Tennessean (Nashville) or Intelligencer Journal (PA). I remember a guy, “Something Lawson” (can’t remember his first name), who was a reporter for one of them… I don’t remember his background, but I do seem to think he was a Senator’s aid and later became a journalist. When I worked out of Nashville I used to get a kick out of his investigative reporting- he had a knack for finding details that the big papers couldn’t. At any rate- that’s the sort of people RepresentUs needs to be finding, not recording label producers and artists.

      • Useyourheadnow

        Googled him- it’s Richard Lawson. Apparently he’s with the Nashville City paper and/or the Nashville Post now.

        Not trying to advert for the guy, I was just trying to make a point. Point is, this movement needs connections like Lawson (and many more like him across the country). Non-partisans with no agenda aside from the truth. Liberal and conservative politics, alike, get in the way of factuality- always.

        • Arizona Eagletarian

          I’ve been watching this movement grow for more than a year. There’s nothing amateurish about what they are doing.

          • Merlinsscience

            Did you watch the “gotcha video” that served only to make the “reporter” look like a fool? How about the writing throughout the manifesto, I mean “anti-corruption amendment” that references no existing law, therefore making it a lofty idea- but not a piece of legislation.

            My point, and I believe the point of two others here, is that it’s great to have an idea- but you actually need talent to make it a movement. Lacking any experienced people, this group is just running on a treadmill, engaging no one of note.

          • Arizona Eagletarian

            IF you support the idea of getting Big Money out of American politics, your rhetoric seems naive and lacking awareness of the scope and depth of the problem.

            Perhaps a more plausible notion is that you are simply here to try to sow seeds of doubt and (sorry to mix metaphors) as if you were a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

            If you’re sincere, you should do your homework before deciding the effort doesn’t meet your lofty standards, Mr. Rove.

          • Merlinsscience

            I am a former professor-turned-businessman with an extensive track record. I am paid to “make things work” by companies. I review the existing circumstances and suggest changes and only get paid if I am right. I am a-political, UN-religious and not emotional. My experience is purely scientific, logic-based and I am here because I support the idea. I just want to help get it off the ground.

          • Useyourheadnow

            Corporate troubleshooter?

          • Merlinsscience


          • Valerie

            …UN-religious? The UN is a big part of our problem…as well as the Federal Reserve crooks, the CFR, Freemasons, Bilderbergs, Bohemian Grovers, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. They’re all run by a bunch of satanic, demon-possessed occultists, that have our utter destruction as their agenda. You’re real analytical and scholarly, but science and “logic” DON’T GET SHIT DONE, my sedentary friend!…If ya can’t run with the big dogs, STAY ON THE COUCH!

          • mary

            Valerie, this kind of posting is useless to the cause. Try a different tack. I too, think this man is only trying to be helpful. One needs to keep ears, eyes, and mind open to ideas and input in order to succeed or your biting off your nose to spite your face.

          • Merlinsscience

            Ahhhhh… It’s such a relief to encounter someone who actually reads AND comprehends. Thank you.

            All I’m saying, for starters, is, “Let’s get the AACA in the hands of some experienced legislators, start at the state level and get this ball rolling!”

            People (amateurs) think they can play “big ball” right off the bench only to find out the game is too complex, too costly and the learning curve is too big. Let’s play “small ball” at the state level (like women’s suffrage), get the bugs and kinks worked out, learn the game, see who’s going to play against us and get this done.

          • Justicia

            OK, now you’re talking. Totally agree that a state-by-state strategy is essential. One size doesn’t fit all, which is why I don’t agree that we need legislative text at this moment (see comment above.

            The Civil Rights movement didn’t start with trying to get the Voting Rights Act passed. It started with people fighting for a principle and they wouldn’t take no for an answer.

          • Merlinsscience

            iPad error. UN-religious should have read “un-religious”, meaning, not affiliated with any religion. As for the rest of your rambling conspiracy theories- well, that joke tells itself.

            I’ll take logic over wild religious (demon possessed) fantasies any day. I’m leaving the couch to go to work now (woof!)

          • Useyourheadnow

            Holy smoke, are you reading anything this guy is posting? He agrees with the idea, has signed the petition and wants it to succeed!!! All I see is him trying to help and you are calling him names??? He’s nicer than me apparently- I’d tell you to …. Never mind, it won’t help if I say it.

            Try seeing what he’s ( and a couple others) saying: it’s a good idea—- lets get it rolling!

          • Elizabeth

            To repeat, the Act was written by Trevor Potter. It references other legislation.

          • Merlinsscience

            It refers to it, not references it and it’s author is unimportant. In order to be “actual law” or even considered as such, it must meet the criteria. It is required to list, in it’s body, all changes to existing law, any supercedence(s), conjunctive amendment, purposeful co-joined definitions and application, etc., etc… If it is meant to replace existing law, outright, it must state that and then list all instances of supersedence by title, name, section, subsection, yada, yada… I know, I have been a part of writing legislation.

          • Justicia

            This is not the moment to propose legislation — which is written in legalese that most people won’t understand. This is the moment to get masses of Americans behind certain core principles to get money out of politics.

            Those principles will be enshrined in the legislation We the People fight to get passed. Given the impasse in DC, this could be a state-by-state battle with different language, perhaps different approaches to accomplish the same end — that we get money out of politics.

            – sorry this got misplaced. It was a reply to Merlinsscience above.

          • Merlinsscience

            We will have to agree to disagree. I believe that corruption awareness is at an all time high, so now would be the time to start working at the state and local level.

          • PithHelmut

            But the experts have been running things all this time and look where that has gotten us.

          • arlysmills

            Its not an amendment. It is proposed legislation. We will be asking our representatives to take it to the floor.
            We realize very few reps will support this on their own. That is why we are asking for citizen cosponsers. When we get 1000 in every voting district we will demand our representatives pass this legislation as it is written. We are working to harness the power of the voters.

        • FreeguyMd

          I think it is a good idea to have an investigative reporter like Richard Lawson , and others. But how ill they get what they learn before the public?
          all of the Newspapers ,TV stations , and cable companies are owned by huge wealthy corporations. They are also having an adverse effect on PBS , which is refusing to air some informative programs , or air them when most people are asleep. They are also trying to control the way people use the internet.I hope we can be sucessful ,but the wealthy corporations are very deeply entrenched already, witha great many of our representatives , and senators , and also our courts.

          • Merlinsscience

            Wealthy people have always been entrenched (deeply). Like it or not, most wealthy people have guided our system since the beginning. What has changed is the morality. No longer does “doing right for the country” automatically dovetail with “doing right for the wealthy”. When they owned everything and their improvement in wealth automatically lead to more work for others, this worked. Nowadays, with wealth being made by speculation, predatory practices in lending and wealth being kept out of the hands of anyone but the wealthy- it no longer works.

      • Frannie

        You might look up how Prop. 13 started and how
        they got it through from it’s grass roots beginning.

        • Merlinsscience

          Yikes, I’m not sure I would have used Prop 13 as an example. It’s negative side effects were predicted at the time of passage, but not really “felt” until the economy took a hard dump. The affluent homeowners did well by prop 13, the minority renters (would-be homeowners) not so much.

          To be sure, there really aren’t any good modern examples of how protest, marching, chanting, sit-ins and “organizing events” changed anything substantial. However, I could list countless examples of how motivated voters, experienced lobbiers (not lobbyist) and relentless voter education changed things in a big way. Like it or not, a “movement” needs talent as much as money, a message that resonates, and people to get the word around. Videos and meetings are good for spreading the word of who, what, when and where- but the work gets done by those who know how to do it… Not by the “organizers”, “protestors” and rallyers.

          • Justicia

            “To be sure, there really aren’t any good modern examples of how protest,
            marching, chanting, sit-ins and “organizing events” changed anything

            Perhaps you’re missed it but the LGBT movement has made a revolutionary change in this country. It started with the Stonewall riots, heated up with ActUp over the government’s non-response to the Aids crisis, and is marching to victory on marriage equality. The LGBT community organized, mobilized and wouldn’t take no for an answer. That’s how you do it.

          • Merlinsscience

            Do not disagree that there is a place, and a time for community action. As I have said prior, education and awareness is important. Having said that, however, I disagree that protest and “acting out” has anything to do with getting legislation passed. The LGBT and AIDS examples will do just fine for making my point, thank you for offering it as a point of discussion. Each of the gains made in both categories occurred at the state/local level first, then the Federal Government was forced to act.

      • Elizabeth

        Please site examples of this manifesto language. I don’t see it. It reads like legislation. It was written by Trevor Potter. He knows what he is doing.

        • Merlinsscience

          “manifesto”, meaning “not ready for legislation”. I don’t mean it as a negative connotation in the sense of the Unabomber’s manifesto. I just mean it is a “written document of lofty ideals and intent”, but not a piece of legislation (yet).

          Keep focus here- I support the movement… Just trying to be helpful.

          Gotta run now though- bed time for my girls.

        • Useyourheadnow

          I get both of your points, but have to lean toward Merlin: it doesn’t look like legislation. I do agree that it is the basis for it though.

      • Valerie

        …blah, blah, blah! It’s morons like you that criticize RepresentUs’ efforts, and say ” it can never become law in it’s current state”…while you sit on your ass and “support the idea but not the effort”. At least they’re attempting to actually DO SOMETHING AND GET INVOLVED, Mister Know-It-All Armchair Quarterback! And by the way, you don’t decide what becomes law, you arrogant prick. It’s side-liners & couch-potatoes such as yourself whose lack of ambition and self-righteousness perpetuates the very onslaught of lies and corruption that we’re in!!…But you’re just bursting with advice on “how they need to do it”…You’re ALL TALK AND NO ACTION, and your village is missing their idiot.

        • Merlinsscience

          Apparently you don’t read very well… I do take action (read the section where I list specific issues and learned this from having written legislation). I take action every day, in fact. I vote with my wallet, stay well informed (not just read news that fits my paradigm), generate letters and phone calls to my local, stat and federal politicians and donate heavily to causes of my choosing.

          So, though you think you know me (and my kind), you appear to not know much. Constructive criticism is “gold” in my business- its the difference between being a “group” and a “movement” in many cases.

          Try listening better.

          • jJane

            There have been times in history that a single person, one voice, had the ability to create real change. Maybe this Lawson fellow can be coaxed into activation?

          • PithHelmut

            Everyone should be able to withstand criticism. I wouldn’t want to stop any kind of speech. However understand that this movement has to be amateurish because Americans have never done anything like this before. We’re not talking about working within the system. The system is totally broken. The people who made it up are all entrenched in it. How often do you hear someone speak out against it from within? They’re all acting as though everything is just dandy. We’re never going to feel ready. Let’s just do it ourselves and make mistakes and learn from them.

          • Merlinsscience

            The system I am referring to, the one we have to work from within, is our legal system. We aren’t trying to change that (yet), we are trying to change the system by which we are governed. “amateurish” will not work. We also do not need to “blow the whole thing up and rebuild”- we simply need to remove the “capitalism at all costs” aspects and return the system to its original state: personal responsibility, state’s rights and the opportunity to succeed. THAT is what got us to where we were.

      • mary

        You are only partly right. Witness the Justin Bieber debacle and one can easily see how important it might be to get artists and producers on board. It’s a way of reaching out to an audience and building the movement.

        • Merlinsscience

          Justin Bieber? I’m not seeing it. Who would want to affiliate with a spoiled narcissist going through a bad boy phase?

      • concernedcitizen

        Take some time to read about the act before you take such a bold position, “The Act was crafted by former Federal Election Commission chairman Trevor Potter in consultation with dozens of strategists, democracy reform leaders and constitutional attorneys from across the political spectrum.” Nothing amateurish about the way it was written, here is detailed explanation of the constitutionality of each provision https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.unitedrepublic.org/docs/AACA_Constitutionality.pdf

      • http://twitter.com/SoRandomlyTrue Vanessa Ashley C

        sounds like what they used to say about Occupy WS…

      • Ariel

        I agree that there needs to be real legislative work done with this. The idea/dream needs to be turned into a reality. That, I believe, is the hardest part and will be the true test of if this can go far or just fade.

      • Asphalt cowboy

        You realize there are tea party dems republicans and ex lobbyists who work here right?
        They want to out any corrupt politician who doesnt work for us the people
        The Obamas,Cruz’s,Pauls, McCains and so on
        If you rather the government have the power to dictate how you live so be it but blame no one but yourself!

      • PithHelmut

        Oh it’s much bigger than that. Journalists? Most of them cannot be trusted to tell the truth. How many have reported on Fukushima? That’s going to be telling. How many have investigated 9/11?

    • PithHelmut

      We build a system right alongside this one. We build systems that work, that allow us to achieve our desires, not hamper our every move. What do we need this system for? It is stupefying, colorless and brutal. We can do so much better. They have put out the meme that we can’t be trusted to look after ourselves. Like we’re children or something. And like heck, how grown up are they and they tell us what to do, they act like spoiled juveniles. And some of the buffoons on the supreme court, what a joke.

  • MissNDemocracy

    The video is good. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I hope RepresentUS has joined, or will soon join, the Move to Amend coalition: http://www.MoveToAmend.org

    • Useyourheadnow

      Dear Lord I hope RepresentUs does not affiliate with that bunch of pseudo-anarchists with a penchant for conspiracy theory. “Move to Ammend” is a {Social Justice} organization that believes that corporations (all of them) are the root of all evil. An hour at their site disturbed me; I literally felt dumber having read all of their nonsense. Thankfully my eight year old daughter brought me back to reality with a rousing Ice Age marathon. Diego is my favorite character btw.

      No, what would serve RepresentUs best would be to distance itself from any organization espousing the virtues of “Social Justice”; an oft-used term covering many anti-democratic evils (redistribution of wealth, protecting criminals under the guise of ‘civil rights’, suspension of legal protections in order to favor the “one” over “the many” and massive expansions of social safety net programs). “social Justice” has become the new “global warming” clarion call ( to arms). Like GW encompassing every weird weather-related event, SJ is used to mask every attempt to suspend democracy in favor of a form of Utopian Socialism that defies logic. What’s really funny is, all these purveyors of “social justice” plaster the word DEMOCRACY all over their sites, as if we aren’t bright enough to see that their vision of SJ doesn’t look anything like real democracy. No thank you.

      • Elizabeth

        While some people who have worked with Move to Amend are working with Represent.Us, the two groups are in no way affiliated at all.

        • Merlinsscience

          It is disheartening to hear that there is any cross-contamination at all… Affiliations can be detrimental.

          • Elizabeth

            Repeat: there is no affiliation at all. There is no cross-contanimation at all.

          • Merlinsscience

            You said people who worked at Move are with Represent… Your words, not mine. Are you changing that, amending it or am I having trouble interpreting your meaning?

          • Elizabeth

            You are having trouble interpreting my meaning. I said worked with, not worked at. As in there are people who have circulated MTA petitions who have also signed up AACA co-sponsors. That does not mean the two organizations are related. To my knowledge, no one who is employed by Represent.Us was ever employed by Move To Amend. We have people in our district committee who circulated IL conceal-carry petitions. No one would say that Represent.Us is affiliated with the IL conceal-carry movement or contaminated by it.

          • Merlinsscience

            Understood, and thank you for clarifying. I mistook your meaning prior but stand corrected now.

          • Elizabeth

            Thanks for listening.

    • Elizabeth

      That will not be happening. They are completely different. IMHO, Represent.Us is a much more viable plan because of its bipartisan appeal. I have talked to people from all over the political spectrum who have no problems with the provisions of the AACA. I chair the IL-16 District Committee and I have conservatives on my committee who support the idea that money is speech and also support the AACA. We welcome them. Many in our committee object to the idea that money is speech. We all work together. The only way we will end dependence corruption is to find an idea that we all agree on.

      • Merlinsscience

        Agreed. RU has bi-partisan appeal, whereas MTA only appeals to far-leftists. Heck, the notion of removing corruption has mass appeal, who wouldn’t want to do it?

  • jphan

    This definitely gets to the crux of the problem with our current political system. Combining this effort with campaign finance & lobbying reform, overturning CU. Check out Government By The People Act as well.

  • Tom B.

    In addition to this effort, please check out http://www.wolf-pac.com
    We are working state by state to call an Article V convention of the states to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and get money out of politics. We have our resolution introduced in several states, and it just passed the CA House.

  • Caleb Williams

    I hope the leadership of this movement will take time to read Charles Eisenstein’s book, “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.” His central thesis is that the fundamental problem of our time is the IDEA that we are separate from each other. In the sense that we all inhabit this world together, we are approaching a time when we will literally die together from what we are doing together, or figure out a way to LIVE together. As those of a certain age will remember, long ago Pogo told us, “We have met the Enemy and they are us.” In short, what we do to “them” we do to ourselves, because “there but for the Grace of God go I.” If I walked in my neighbor’s shoes for a mile, I would do the same as he. So, when there is talk about a “fight,” it perpetuates this idea of separation, because for there to be a “fight,” there has to be an Us and a Them. From that mindset of separation, the status quo is perpetuated! We can only change the status quo when we understand that we are interconnected.

    Can we figure out a way to make this movement be in the benefit of EVERYONE? It is indeed counter-intuitive, but if you can do it, it will be a cake walk.

    To Mr MerlinScience, may I humbly suggest that at the end of the day, most of us operate on the level of our emotions, whether we like to think so or not. Thomas Kuhn pointed out the tendency of even the most rational of scientists to manipulate the results of their experiments to fit their paradigms (stories). And there is plenty of other research to point out that fundamentally, we operate on the level of STORY. So when we change the STORY of our time, or re-iterate the story of who we are as a nation and the ideals we hold, (which the video does fairly effectively, I think,) then we can effectively correct the imbalace created when our intellectual legalisms (Citizens United) interfere with what our hearts know is right (Our knowledge that money is NOT speech). As such, I don’t think it matters a whit that the legislation is unwritten. By the time this movement reaches the tipping point, it will be obsolete, anyway. (Speaking personally, my friend, I know you know this because you know who Merlin was!)

    And to ANYONE who wants to SHOUT and stamp their feet and CALL NAMES and tell others to GET OFF THEIR ASSes and DO SOMETHING, I only reiterate that talking creates the stories from which we operate. My dad, who was a hunter and liked to use hunting metaphors, used to say, “don’t go off half-cocked and un-aimed.” And all this TALK serves to aim and create the story that people can identify with. Simon Sinek in “Start With Why” shows how Apple became so successful because they had a compelling story of WHY they are in business and how their products would help their customers fulfill that vision. I promise that if you stop SHOUTING and CALLING NAMES, and speak honestly from the place of your true “I”, then I will no longer write you off as an adolescent and I will promise to LISTEN to the point of view you present from your heart.

    That is what I wanted to contribute to the conversation.

  • chuke

    Great! I’M IN!

  • Bobbi

    If Americans can’t even get along and agree that we all need to STAND TOGETHER and END the corruption on a website dedicated to that very focus, we have more of a problem than a lot of people think… STOP ARGUING on this site and instead work together to make the changes we so badly need. United we stand, divided WE FALL!

  • Acez

    Nothing changes until you take the fight to the courts & the court has ruled…the fight to change law is in the courts… see Citizens United.org…or Paul Cienfuegos.com… or CELDG.org…all else is fundraising for nonprofit salaries… the new American scam.

  • Sierra

    Interesting comments on this thread. As soon as anyone stands up and raises a torch (or a banner) and says they have an idea of what to do about our political mess (which happens far too little these dark days), like moths to a flame come the armchair quarterbacks and would-be influencers of every stripe – facilitated, of course, by our wonderful free online commentary sections.

    Aside from the fact that I don’t think everyone in the threads below is to be trusted, and various agendas are clearly at work, I’d like to offer advice to those speaking in good faith: use the “yes, and . . .” approach, rather than, “No, it should be this way.”

    Meaning, it’s ridiculous to argue the relative values of the different necessary components of social movements. Protest vs. legislation is a pointless distraction of an argument. Clearly you need both. YES, AND . . . Yes, we need protest, AND we need legislation. Yes, we need people working inside AND outside the system, together.

    And for those complaining about the language of the Act as it is currently stated, please offer simple constructive advice from an informed position, and refrain from excessive bitching. Clearly this group has some decent hitters on their Board, so treating them all as neophytes tends to call your own agenda into question.

  • http://www.facebook.com/telesecret Scott Rickard


  • Jesse Lebby

    There is a lot of truth in what a previous poster was saying about this not having much impact unless real professionals that know how to write law are behind this. If this sounds like a manifesto, then it lacks any direction. A far right voter could watch this vid and get inspired to go out and vote for the next corporate pandering Repuke because hes been taught to blame the left for everything. After all, were is the finger of blame being pointed here? No were other than at “corruption.” So the far right will go out and try and defeat progressives and the progressives will attempt to defeat the corporate loving Republicans. Don’t we have exactly this now??? I understand this movement is a progressive/liberal movement, but it totally lacks in educational value. It does nothing to stop and make a die hard Republican see how voting that way is just selling out to the super rich. Books like The Wrecking Crew, Screwed, The Republican Brain, Predator Nation, It’s Even Worse Than It Looks, This Land is Their Land, Invisible Hands, Conservatives Without Conscience, The Conscience of a Liberal, American Fascists, F.U.B.A.R., The Shock Doctrine. etc are book examples that the creators of this movement should be drawing lessons from and distilling those gems of wisdom into thought provoking vids that expose the level of corruption taking place to move wealth from the masses into the hands of a few. And any honest distillation of those facts would paint the Republican party as the huge cause of this problem. It’s just their ideology agrees with doing so. Sure Democratic representatives have sold out to the corporate masters too, but the real difference between the parties is one does so just to stay in office, and the other does so because they actually worship the wealthy. Sites like this should be focusing on teaching the public this lesson. In a nutshell, since this message is so broad and general, it will do nothing to change peoples voting habits. Because all you’ve done is convince them that the other side is the corrupt one. I could show this vid to a hard core fundamentalist who votes Republican because that’s how the religious right has been programmed to vote, and all it would do is convince him Liberals are the root of all corruption. Nice vid but I give it a C- for it’s total lack of finger pointing. This movement seems to want to cross the political divide and play nice with the right by not upsetting them and being all PC. Well guess what my fellow progressives. The right does not play that way. Ever heard of Ann Coulter or Rush? Have you not learned they are the take no prisoners type? You can’t fight their methods without adopting some of their methods. If you think the Right is reasonable and will listen to your facts, then you need to read a few of the books I pointed out. The social sciences have come a long way and got solid research to explain why facts don’t matter to conservatives. Read The Repubilcan Brain, and Conservatives Without Conscience for a good duo lesson on understanding how the other half thinks. You don’t reason with them. Bad strategy. You point out really bad cases of governmental corruption and show its undeniable link to Republican lawmakers, Conservative Think Tanks, and Wall Street. And by and large if you keep at it some will begin to get it. Some family values type conservatives will jump ship and begin to see why supporting working class initiatives is the way to go. Go ahead and be hard on Democrats that break this faith as well. Try and keep them honest. It will just prove to all you aren’t political blind to one sides corruption. Show the public you are keeping score. Trust me in the end the Republicans score on this will stink.

  • David Lee Wright Jr.

    This problem that we face is an old one that dates back to early man when the first shiny object was treasured and the rich man was born, He saw how everyone could be manipulated to do whatever that he wanted. Through out human history, people have been victimized by the powerful and wealthy. They have actually slowed the advancement of humanity and steered us away from that goal for their own gain. The wealthy and powerful have made us slaves, slaves that are paid low wages and have stagnated us all, humanity needs room to grow and advance or we will continue to suffer with this. The lack of education in the world keeps us complacent and unable to fight back from the powers that be, fight illiteracy and you will be able to fight back from injustice. The problems of humanity are larger then we can all imagine but it starts with education, so lets put our heads together and fight for humanity.

  • tstraus

    labor must not be able to buy Washington either–end it all, end it equally for everyone–take money out of politics–but it will not happen, it is too late. You would have to pull the plug on the NSA as well. Knowledge is power, he who controls the knowledge has the power and power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely– good luck. It will take a collapse of this system and a rebirth before the changes that might save our civilization are mutually, democratically agreed to by the people, not the elite.

    • FreeguyMd

      Show me where labor has any influence in Wash. DC.You certainly cannot see it in all the jobs that have been lost , and the downward trend in wages ,and benefits. You cannot see it in the so called free trade agreements such as NAFTA , that have taken millions of good jobs from the U.S.
      There is no way that labor could come close to spending the kind of money that the huge corporations are giving, or the U.S Chamber of commerce.
      There are fewer union members now than ever in U.S. history , and for the most part the workers make less because they have had to give concessions because of threats to move their jobs overseas , and because of unfair interference by states that are anti union. The only money that unions can spend is that contributed by union members.
      It is not hard to see all the places that labor has lost ,in the last thirty years.

  • nhsolarguy

    lost my attention 5 seconds in… it was ripping through a bunch of disjointed scenes, and it was difficult to tell what the point was…

    cut it to 30 seconds, put the lead at the beginning – the series of signs, “Congress is bought” is good – why not start with holding the sign, then follow with numbers to prove the point. Then add a solution that people should support.

    If this runs on an endless loop on TV commercials, people will remember how much money Big Oil or Pharma spends, How much money Congressmen take in, how many millionaires there are in Congress, how much secrecy and spying there is… Only then can you reinforce the solutions.

  • http://net202.com Terry Edger

    It will take a constitutional amendment, since the Supreme Court has given it’s blessing to the concept that it’s okay to buy your representatives. It’s going to take more than a few million likes on facebook. You think Fox news is going to get on board? How about NBC? It’s owned by General Electric, ABC is owned by Disney and CBS is owned by Viacom.. So what are your chances of influencing those companies when big business keeps them in business. Your cause is noblel, but who gets the money if I donate to you. Common Cause sounds like a great idea too…possibly all you’re going to do is dilute their effort.

  • Reconeuter

    I would like to see the elimination of PACs (Political Action Committees) that really act as lobbying organizations as well as the other reforms mentioned above.

  • Mind Games

    Let’s put these people in jail and throw away the key!

  • MtRainierT

    I’d love to join the discussion but wish that there was a moderator to help maintain a high level of civility in the postings. The posts made by Valerie (useyourheadnow) are filled with vicious name-calling and bullying. This type of unmonitored discussion reduces the entire discussion to the lowest of levels. Let’s be respectful of each other, in the same way that our ultimate goal is for our government to hold it’s citizens in the highest regard possible and with the respect we deserve.

  • https://www.facebook.com/DebMatheny Debra Jean Matheny

    My Story of Gang Stalking, Corruption and Domestic Terrorism


  • https://www.facebook.com/DebMatheny Debra Jean Matheny


    The DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) operates nationally to elect Democrats to the House of Representatives and is involved in this financial scheme!

    ” Peter Carr, a public relations officer at the Justice Department, told The Cable. “Super PACs are a new vehicle for political spending.”

    Half a million dollars. According to the complaint, Azano’s money traveled through a U.S.-based shell company before arriving at the Super PAC. Because the Super PAC was only required to disclose the name of the U.S. shell company, the contributions appeared to be U.S.-based.

    When asked if the DCCC had given back any funds from the men, a spokesman did not respond.

  • 7err0r_404

    This message is something that I support whole heartedly!

  • Jill Herendeen

    Campaigns must be publicly-funded, 100%, so that ALL candidates have EQUAL funding, EQUAL exposure in the media, and EQUAL PUBLIC DEBATE TIME.

  • Amy

    I am a Canadian, but whole heartedly believe in your movement! I wish we had a similar non partisan movement to lobby against corruption up here. It should be global, one step at a time. You’ve got my support!

  • Dan Fernandez





    • FedUpLibBS

      That “Executive Order” would be a “SUICIDE NOTE”!!

  • MonsterMoo2

    I’m going against the pessimist in me this time…

  • R. F. DeAngelis

    As an original Tea Partier who left when we got hijacked, I make my stand again here.

  • PithHelmut

    You are awesome here at Represent.us. I love you. You’ve been doing this for a while and your ideas are right on!

  • jewels

    People whose body and mind are paid for, are called prostitutes. Our country is run by prostitutes. They do what the people who bought them, want them to do. Whether it be lying, stealing, or killing, Anyone can be bought if the price is right, unless they have God in their heart, and love their fellow man.

  • Carina from Argentina

    Aplíquense!aprendan español.Yo hablo perfecto inglés…Sería una gran demostración de “militancia”habllar el idioma de los más oprimidos.No les parece?

  • tstraus

    hard to argue with this, as this is a Fascist Empire, not a socialist one–the whole immigration thing is a canard as well, what an ideal way to keep pressure on wages…All I am saying is enough with the government dictating who can and cannot gain access to the totally corrupt government that claims to represent the people–no access for one, no access for all. And do not confuse the power of the concentrated labor Unions power to focus their forced tithing for political gain, not for the common laborer, but so they can claim that they, the management of these unions taking massive salaries and perks, can keep their damn jobs. They represent no one but themselves as do the corporate lobbyists and the politicians they pander too. The whole system needs to be torn down before it collapses on itself and before the total surveillance police state takes complete control of not only everything within the beltway, but across the Nation. It is likely already too late. We do not have free markets in anything except corruption in America today and all gut the elite from Unions, Corporations and the entire political bureaucracies elites are rapidly becoming slaves to a system we have zero control over, that is called Fascism. We are the Fascist Empire of the United States of America, we have no moral or ethical standing anywhere but in our own deluded, lobotomized, minds. It is likely far too late–it has been over century of lies and false myths to get us here.

  • Smash Corporate Greed

    Strongly recommend a visit to MovetoAmend.org. There is nothing we can do with brain-dead voters anyway, but if the venality of buying and selling ‘our’ elected representatives can be minimized or eliminated, things could possibly begin to change. Loop holes, perpetual war, unregulated pollution and financial sector, a war on the elderly, sick, disabled, and every kind of disabled enterprise might be halted. Thank everyone here for their effort and their good intentions.

    • Smash Corporate Greed

      Typo, should read: “….every kind of public enterprise…”

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