McCutcheon v. FEC becomes
The Money v. The People

McCutcheon v. FEC becomes
The Money v. The People

With the Supreme Court decision hanging on whether unlimited campaign spending results in corruption, Represent.Us went to SCOTUS to make our message clear: McCutcheon is Corruption. Here’s what happened:

McCutcheon is Corruption
Tug of War 2
Represent.Us T Shirt
Van Derr Bribes Speaks
Money Flag
Liberty and Justice for Sale
Tug of War
Ernest Van Derr Bribes

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Activists from a broad coalition of more than 20 organizations rallied at the Supreme Court in support of existing campaign finance regulations. Represent.Us members helped add spice to the event to highlight the ridiculousness of McCutcheon’s case.

  • Loren B. Ford

    Campaign limits are essential to allow equal justice under the law to all citizens.

  • Freepot

    Supreme Court protests do not always work well. Check video midpage:

  • Barry Melton

    I believe in the cause of Represent.Us, but I believe that applying outside pressure on the Supreme Court, whose job is to determine Constitutionality of laws, is inappropriate.

    I do not believe that the Constitution, or its interpreters, should be subjected to the whims of popular opinion.

    • Maine

      In being adjudicated, the Constitution is always subjected to interpretation, namely, by lawyers and above all judges. Although we like to believe that professional jurists are more competent than the lay person to restrain personal biases and interpret and apply the law impartially, there is no guarantee of it. Rather, it depends on the particular judge and the particular person. Given the political nature to the appointment of judges, and our universal interest in minimizing democracy’s contamination by elite influence, in this case “popular opinion” that upholds this common interest is exactly what is needed to mitigate said elite influence and any undemocratic biases the deciding judges may have. Furthermore, the separation of powers, judicial independence, and the rule of law are all meant to uphold democratic integrity. Thus, where the law undermines or threatens to undermine democratic integrity while the will of the majority sustains democratic integrity, the latter should trump the former. At least, that’s my opinion. :)

    • CherMoe

      The people with the MONEY apply plenty of “pressure” on the SCOTUS. Some people even go golfing with them while chatting them up about what favors they want. “We, the People” don’t have a fair chance in getting SCOTUS to lend us their collective ears. WORSE yet, Supreme Court Justices aren’t held to the same ethics the rest of the country is. They certainly aren’t gods of any kind, especially considering some of their decisions in recent years which almost totally favor the rich and corporations. It appears we don’t have a court that interprets the Constitution for the benefit of the people of this country. We can’t even get people in Washington to represent the best interests of the people. And that is because of TOO MUCH corporate influence and money.

    • N4rlee

      Tell that to Mitch McConnell, who will argue to the SCOTUS in favor of McCutcheon. “The tortoise” is a representative of ‘The People”.

  • Andrea Rea

    The Constitution is to make sure that our democracy is protected. Our Democracy is really taking a beating by the corruption caused by money in politics. This whole Citizen’s United v FEC is one tragic mistake. McCutcheon must be defeated!

  • R Murray

    Puleeeeeze take MONEY out of politics!!!! What happened to “one man, one
    vote!” Allowing excessive monetary contributions by well heeled groups and/or
    individuals distorts this fundamental rule of our democracy! Please make right
    and sensible decisions now before it’s too late!

  • Headon Straight.

    Correct me if im wrong, but there already is an anti-corruption amendment in the Constitution.. The 2nd Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.

    A corrupt state is not a free state, therefore we must bear arms to oust the tyrannical leaders we have put in place.

    • AmianteTarvoke

      Let’s ask the people of Syria how well armed resistance worked out for them in their attempt to oust their tyrannical leader.

      • Mira

        What does Syria have to do with anything?
        Armed resistance worked here the first time we tried it.

        • AmianteTarvoke

          Your desire to romanticize war is dangerous. Fighting the superpower that is the US military is much different than the colonies fighting England in the 18th century.

          What are you going to do, invade the Capitol with 100 of your buddies with small arms? You will be immediately labeled as terrorists, and taken out with Apache helicopters. Actually you’d probably all be arrested before you ever got very far. And even if you managed to kill every politician, what then? You’d just have to elect new ones, and if all the rules are still the same, you’d have all the same problems.

          We need to fix the system. We need to address the corruption caused by money in politics. We can do that by reforming lobbying and the election process. That is achievable, but no one is even talking about it. They have everyone chasing shadows instead of addressing the root of the problem. This we can do without spilling any blood.

    • john

      Back to high school civics class for you….

  • TXmagCA

    I want the “Ask not what your country” tshirt.

    • grahamlynn

      For “sale” very soon!

  • TXmagCA

    In quickly reading this I saw the billionaire der Bribes joke but thought it was real at first because that kind of crap happens all the time – buying yourself time and air waves and influence. Yep, I just accept that anything is for sale in America

  • Kay Skelly

    Money should not be the root of all politics. Let’s silence the Koch Bros. & their ilk!!!!

  • Johnlynn

    France has their presidential elections paid for out of public funds. Candidates have a very limited amount of money to spend, and a VERY limited amount of time to spend that money and campaign. In the last election, both Romney and Obama spent near a billion dollars EACH. This has to end.

  • T.M. Scruggs

    with people leaving both the Demopublican and Republicrat parties, time to funnel that energy into a grassroots-led and controlled, local to national level organization. Not just for elections, but on-going politics. Let’s move into the Green Party and make it a contender!!!

    • AmianteTarvoke

      Yes! Already, the Green Party does not accept donations from corporations. It is simply the most enlightened party platform around, but almost no one talks about it.

  • changeagentgd

    This is wonderful. I’m so glad someone is fighting for the right thing – end the corruption and get the money out! NO MORE LOBBYING (using money to buy votes). I can see people contacting the representatives and telling them what they may not here through our biased media or other so called representative resources, but big corporations buying legislation has got to stop.

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