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// The March

New Hampshire Rebellion is a 185-mile anti-corruption walk across the state of New Hampshire led by our friends Lawrence Lessig and Rootstrikers. They’re calling on the people of the state of New Hampshire to ask every presidential hopeful just one question: “How are you going to end the system of corruption?”

// The Political Strategy

New Hampshire is in a unique position to restore integrity, transparency, and responsibility to a broken and corrupt political system. The NH Rebellion is a movement to leverage that opportunity. The facts are simple:  New Hampshire holds the first presidential primary, the voters of New Hampshire are fiercely independent, and New Hampshire is one of the only states that has an express right of the people to revolution within its Constitution. These three facts have led to the launch of the NH Rebellion.

They will be marching 185 miles in January to ask citizens in New Hampshire — whether conservative, or liberal, whether Independent, Unaffiliated, Republican, or Democrat — to help get every presidential candidate at every event in New Hampshire to answer one simple question:  “How are you going to end the system of corruption in Washington?”

The Rebellion kicks-off on January 11, 2013.
It’s an incredible and audacious event,
and they need your help.

March with the Rebellion:

  • Join them for 1-mile or 20. See the route here. Enter your information and we’ll connect you with the Rebellion organizers

Volunteer to support the Rebellion:

  • Help film the march
  • Represent an allied organization
  • Provide a van/bus/vehicle with heat which can be used as a follow vehicle during part of or all of the NH trip
  • Help on the ground if the march passes through your city
  • Host people at your New Hampshire house
  • Help with planning one of the march events, including Granny D’s birthday celebration