You can protect your hometown from the corruption that plagues Congress by Passing a local Anti-Corruption Act.

Here’s how to get started:

Get a few friends together (or go it alone) somewhere with wifi and a phone, and answer the 4 questions below:

  1. Does your city or county have a binding ballot initiative process for passing local laws?
  2. What is the number of petition signatures required for citizens to put an initiative on the ballot in your city? Is it under 10,000?
  3. Can you assemble a politically diverse team of 5-10 volunteers to lead a campaign?
  4. Does your city or county have a history of real or perceived corruption or Big Money’s influence?
You may need to call your city or county clerk to answer questions 1 & 2. For larger cities, you can also search on under “laws governing local ballot measures in STATE”

Next, Choose your path:

  • If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, follow the instructions for passing a Local Anti-Corruption Act

Either way, be sure to Check out our list of RepresentUs chapters to see if there’s already a RepresentUs Chapter near you or sign up to start your own.