Let’s Turn Tax Day into Representation Day

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Let’s Turn Tax Day into Representation Day

On Tuesday, April 15th, people across America will hold a sign, recruit supporters, and do creative actions to demand “No Taxation Without Representation.”  It’s time for politicians to represent us, not big money special interests. Join us.

// Representation Day Materials

sign-smallClick Here For Things to Print, Download and Share on Representation Day

map-smallMore than 1,000 people have signed up, Click Here to See if Someone Near You is Looking to Work Together

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// The Problem

Policy decisions on nearly every issue, regardless of public opinion, are decided by whoever can write the biggest campaign check. That’s great for the handful of people who can afford to buy access, but for the rest of us, it’s taxation without representation. You shouldn’t have to buy access to your own government.

// The Solution

Tax Day is the perfect time to remind our government they’re supposed to work for us, not lobbyists. So on April 15th, we’re calling for a National Day of Representation!

Americans of every political stripe are coming together to show our leaders that the spirit of the American Revolution lives on: No more taxation without representation.

// The Day of Action

Most people think there’s nothing they can do about corruption. On April 15th, that’s gonna change! Together we’ll invite people everywhere to join the fight for representation, right from our home towns.

How to Join Representation Day — Tuesday, April 15th, 2014:

1 // Sign up: Even if you’re not sure you can make it, save the date and let us know you’re interested.

2 // Get seen: On April 15th, grab a sign, put up a poster, hand-out fliers, gather signatures. Whatever you want! (We’ll provide you with templates for everything you need.)

3 // Go even bigger: Our volunteer leaders will be deploying giant banners in key locations around the country. And you can too! Paint your own banner or organize your own special event in your home town.

4 // Get outside: Go to the Post Office (it’s Tax Day, they’ll be open late), City Hall, your representative’s district office, even Main Street. Choose a time and place that works for you! We’re encouraging people to think: “Bold, iconic, and lovely,” for their actions. But the most important thing is to just take a few minutes, get outside and make a statement.

5 // This is the most important step: Take pictures and video of the action. We’re compiling a powerful mini-documentary of America’s first “Representation Day.” And we need you to be the star. There’s nothing more powerful or inspiring than seeing real people fighting for the change they believe in. Help us by taking a photo or quick video (the camera on your phone is more than enough) and send it to photos@represent.us, or submit it using the upload instructions here. 

Before you know it, people in your town will be organizing locally, getting more  involved. Next thing you know, they’re meeting with other groups nearby, speaking at town meetings and working with your local media to get the whole town talking about how to solve America’s biggest problems. Soon our movement will have the power to pass anti-corruption laws in every town, and every state. Do you see where this is going??

It can only happen if we show America that there’s a real Anti-corruption movement brewing right here at home.

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