Congress won’t fix corruption.
April 15th, we will.

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Congress won’t fix corruption.
April 15th, we will.

In 2014, we went around Congress and won.
Together, we’ll do it again.

On April 15th 2015, Representation Day, Represent.Us Chapters and supporters across America will officially announce the next wave of Anti-Corruption Acts and Resolutions.

How to Join Representation Day:

Sign up using the form on this page. Whether you lead a team to pass the next Anti-Corruption Act or add your name to support the movement, your voice matters.

Check for Events Near You: Activists are already planning events all around the country. Find an event near you!

Join the countdown: Join 30 days of collaborative online action leading up to Representation Day.

How to Plan Your Representation Day Event:

Plan an Event: Make a Facebook Event page and send us the link. Need an idea of where to host it? How about your local IRS building? Send us the details at and we will help you promote it!

Get Noticed: Click here to get set up, then grab a sign, put up a poster, hand out fliers, gather signatures, whatever you want!

The Most Important Step: Take pictures and videos. We’re compiling clips and images to mark America’s 2nd annual Representation Day and we want you to be part of if. Instructions for uploading your videos and photos.

Representation Day Materials

sign-smallClick Here For Things to Print, Download and Share on Representation Day.

Camera2Upload Your Photos and Video Here.

Why Tax Day?

America’s government has been corrupted by money. Politicians promise change, but end up working for the special interests and lobbyists who fund their political careers instead of representing the People.

A Princeton University study analyzing more than 20 years’ worth of data shows that while our government does represent the interests of economic elites and lobbying organizations, the opinions of average Americans have statistically no impact on public policy.

It is, quite literally, taxation without representation.

On April 15th, volunteers across the country will turn Tax Day into Representation Day by rallying their communities to take a stand against this corruption. Our movement has a winning strategy. Join today to help make it happen.

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