Graphic & Video Designer

About RepresentUs

RepresentUs is the nation’s leading right-left anti-corruption organization. We bring together conservatives, progressives, and everyone in between to secure crucial victories that are defending our Republic and fixing America’s corrupt political system.

But what it means for you, potential coworker, is that you feel what we feel when you wake up every day: a strong sense of purpose that binds you to the spirit of this nation, and an overwhelming sense that you should do something about it. And you want to work with people who feel the same.

RepresentUs is a carefully curated mix of seasoned political campaigners, policy wonks, advertising experts, designers, and engineers. We’re not a startup, but we’ve got startup DNA: we’re nimble, constantly learning and iterating, and we push ourselves to push the envelope – to ignore “industry standards” and set a new standard.

We’re looking for enthusiastic new minds to help us grow, move faster, and achieve more. We believe our political system should reflect the varied voices of our nation, and so should our team. That’s why we’re an Equal Opportunity Employer; people of color, women, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

In 2018, we helped pass 23 anti-corruption measures—a historic year for the movement.

We’re headquartered in Northampton, MA and also have staff around the country. Come win with us!

About You

Our ideal candidate can’t help but redesign the world around them in their heads. Your brain is always set to design mode, and grid systems are overlaid onto your eyeballs. A commitment to excellence, a love of art, and ambition to see things through are what set you apart. Solving visual riddles, and how to fit too much text onto a page elegantly (with style), are the kinds of problems you get excited about. You know what sets apart good photos from great photos and you are ruthless in your curation. You understand how to deliver what someone needs, not just what they asked for, and are excellent at both taking direction and initiative. You work quickly and independently.

What You’ll Be Doing

The Graphic & Video Designer will be part of the Campaign Accelerator team, on a mission to supercharge the cross-partisan American democracy movement by providing multi-state, multi-issue services to the most promising campaigns across the country.

Under the direction of the Art Director, the GVD is responsible for providing in-house design support for multiple active campaigns supported by RepresentUs within a multidisciplinary team. This will be a fast-paced position that will require you to stay well organized and keep a lot of plates spinning at once. Each campaign will have its own brand, and you’ll need to slip effortlessly between all the different looks and styles. You may have competing priorities from different managers and need to satisfy them all.

The GVD will create compelling, accessible, and beautiful design assets to complement and accentuate materials crafted for a variety of audiences. The GVD will:

  • Design graphics, videos, and animation for multiple high-priority campaigns
  • Create engaging, timely, & relevant graphics for social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on a regular basis
  • Edit footage and add subtitles to create videos
  • Organize layout for informational materials
  • Concept and contribute to videos, graphics, and campaigns
  • Provide design and digital support for all teams at RepresentUs as needed

Skills & Experience

This is a mid-level position for someone with around three years of working design or agency experience. We’re looking for a demonstrated ability to marry design with content, consistently improve and grow, and be a good team player. If you’re a go-getter who sees opportunities for improvement and engagement and are ready to make a major impact in a cross-partisan organization, this could be the job for you.

  • Robust design, typography, and layout skills
  • Proficiency with Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to take a project from concept through completion
  • Familiarity with web and mobile UI/UX best practices
  • Familiarity with social media best practices
  • Ability to make complex ideas simple
  • Basic competency in HTML & CSS, WordPress backend


  • Film, motion graphics, animation, and video experience (After Effects/Premiere)
  • Strength in infographic/data design
  • Advanced skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. (you can build a website by yourself)
  • Background in advertising and/or social media marketing
  • Background in politics
  • SEO, SEM
  • You’re a tastemaker
  • You have a good sense of humor
  • Photography, printmaking, illustration, or other fine art

Compensation and Benefits

We are committed to bringing in top talent from all sectors. Accordingly, we offer highly competitive salaries and pretty awesome benefits, including health and dental insurance, retirement benefits, a health reimbursement account, a dependent care account, and a wellness benefit. Oh, and we have this crazy idea that we’ll do better work if we have time to see our friends and families, so we get 4 weeks of paid vacation a year.

The annual salary range for the Graphic & Video Designer position varies by location. Example ranges: $50-$60K in Northampton, MA, $65-$75K in San Francisco, CA.

To Apply

Please email with the subject line “Graphic & Video Designer” and include your resume, a letter of interest, and a link to (or PDF of) your portfolio. We’re accepting applications on a rolling basis, so please apply as soon as possible.