Voting and Elections Reform Victory!

This voter-approved initiative creates an independent commission to propose state legislative and congressional voting district maps that must be geographically compact without unfairly favoring one party over another.

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Utah is part of the biggest wave of anti-corruption reform in US history.

Utah Proposition 4:
Redistricting Reform

Better Boundaries: Proposition 4 establishes a reasonable process for addressing the risk of gerrymandering. It will create an independent redistricting commission that will take the first crack at drawing our political boundaries. Commissioners will be appointed by the Governor and state legislative leadership. To promote impartiality, the commissioners can’t be elected officials, lobbyists, candidates for office, or others with a personal interest in the outcome. When drawing the maps, the commission must adhere to common-sense standards that are designed to curb gerrymandering. Those standards include keeping communities of interest together, and not using incumbent addresses and partisan data. Prop 4 was placed on the ballot after nearly 190,000 signatures were certified.

The “yes” vote on Prop 4 creates a seven-member independent redistricting commission to draft maps for congressional and state legislative districts.

Scale: State-wide
Type: Ballot Measure
Category: Fair Districts
Policy Summary: Redistricting, Gerrymandering
Status: Approved by voters on November 6th, 2018

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Read the full text of Proposition 4.

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