Carey Eisenberg

Director, Donor Relations

Carey brings over 20 years of fundraising, nonprofit management, and sales experience to RepresentUs in both mission-driven organizations focused on women’s rights and social justice, as well as in private sector biotech organizations. As a person who strives to use her strengths for good, Carey hopes to raise all voices in her work on issues related to protecting our democracy and fighting corruption in government, and is thrilled to join such a committed, passionate and like-minded team at RepresentUs. She has held senior positions at a variety of organizations, most recently serving as Donor Relations Officer at the Tahirih Justice Center, supporting women and girls fleeing human rights abuse.  Carey led their $10 Million expansion campaign which enabled the organization to create national scope through two new offices and double the number of clients served.  She has also managed multi-million dollar territories, helping thousands of patients and medical professionals, for Amgen and Eli Lilly.

Carey has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Rochester, and a M.B.A. from George Washington University. Outside of work, Carey enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, reading, yoga, traveling, and spending time in nature.