Sandra Sheehan

Executive Assistant

I am a career Executive Assistant who doesn’t mind coloring outside the lines. I have worked in a few different industries and organizational positions that have taught me everything from cultivating satisfied employees to approaching the bench during the trial. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration to become more competitive in my field.

I realized in 2018 that intense emotions were triggering conflict, and knew that I had to educate myself on how to help. There was an awful lot of friction happening around the nation; building and maintaining relationships with everyone was vital. I was inspired to obtain my Master’s degree in Dispute Resolution.  I found that the skills I learned brought significant benefits to me as a person and strengthened my career toolbox! By joining RepresentUs, I am putting together all of my experiences to help the staff with their daily operations while feeding my hungry soul.  Remember: “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got!”