Yasmin Khan

Vice President, Development

Yasmin brings over 25 years of fundraising, nonprofit management, and communications experience to RepresentUs in mission-driven organizations focused on civil and human rights, social justice, and education. A child of immigrants from Pakistan and Ukraine, Yasmin puts a lifelong passion to purpose in her work on issues related to protecting our democracy and fighting corruption in government, and is thrilled to join such a committed, passionate and like-minded team at RepresentUs as she helps to lead the organization’s continued growth and impact at such a critical time in our nation’s evolution. She has held senior positions at a variety of nonprofit organizations and institutions, most recently serving as Chief Development Officer at National Skills Coalition, a workforce policy organization, and prior to that as Chief Development Officer at Campaign Legal Center, an organization dedicated to advancing democracy through law. At both of her most recent organizations, Yasmin oversaw and led the doubling of organizational revenue and portfolio diversification, and as a member of the executive teams, she helped advance and navigate the organizations’ overall growth and impact.

Yasmin has a B.A. in International Relations, and a M.A. in Economics and Microfinance from American University. She serves as an Advisory Board Member for The Initiative: The Blue & Black Partnership, an organization founded in the wake of the murder of George Floyd committed to healing the community-police relationship and building healthier communities. Outside of work, Yasmin enjoys spending time with her family, music, traveling, surfing, and exploring new foods/restaurants.