Get Your Represent.Us Signs and Banners Here

Get Your Represent.Us Signs and Banners Here

Remember: Document Everything! Your photos and videos help support the movement by inspiring others to get involved. When you’re done, email your media to

Remember to sign up for Representation Day.


Use these materials to help make your Representation Day event pop!

1.  Print these ~ Posters~ for a rally or signs for a petitioning table.

2.  Get your team to look great in matching ~ T-Shirts~ !

Head over to our store to order yours.

3. Use this ~Big Banner Template~ to make a statement at your event.

4.  Time for a few ~ Photography Quick Tips~!

5. Bribe some politicians and get attention with these silly~ Million-Dollar Chubby Buck~ !

Chubby Buck

6.  The real deal:  Get all the info you need to start a chapter and successfully petition in our ~Action Handbook~!


7.  The most important one!  Use this ~Petition Sheet~ to garner local support in your community on Representation Day. (P.S. please make sure to send them to us after at!


Collect signatures and then send an image of this sheet to .  It is very important that you send the petition sheets to us so we can get new sign-ups into the loop!

// What’s missing?

Have a great idea for something we could add to this toolkit? We want to hear it! Send your ideas to