Major 2020 Campaigns


Yes on 2: Alaskans for Better Elections – Money in Politics, Open Primaries & Ranked Choice Voting
Alaskans for Better Elections is a ballot committee working to put the power of Alaska elections in the hands of voters to make our elections more open, transparent, and fair. Measure 2 would end dark money in Alaska elections, open primaries to all Alaska voters, and implement Ranked Choice Voting for elections.


Eureka & Albany – Ranked Choice Voting
The city councils of Eureka and Albany in California voted to put Ranked Choice Voting on the November 2020 ballot, for city voters to decide if it will be used in future elections. Four cities in California already successfully use Ranked Choice Voting: San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Leandro.


Our Mayor – Our Choice – Ranked Choice Voting (and elected Mayor, rather than appointed)
Boulder is the largest city in Colorado that does not elect its mayor. After successfully lobbying the city council to place it on the November ballot, the Our Mayor-Our Choice campaign is supporting Measure 2E, that would let the citizens of Boulder directly elect their mayor using Ranked Choice Voting.


Yes on 3: All Voters Vote – Open Primaries
All Voters Vote is committed to the proposition that every voter in Florida should have the right to cast a meaningful ballot. Amendment 3 allows Allows All Voters to Vote in primary elections for legislature, governor, and cabinet, regardless of the political party affiliation of the voter or candidate. It creates a single primary for each office, with the top two vote getters advancing to the general election.


Yes on 2: Ranked Choice Voting 2020 – Ranked Choice Voting
Yes on 2 is the campaign to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Massachusetts elections. This simple change will give Massachusetts voters a stronger voice when we cast our ballots and ensure that our elected leaders have majority support. Ranked Choice Voting is an important step to empower and re-energize Massachusetts voters at this critical time in our democracy.


No on 3: Clean Missouri – Anti-Gerrymandering (Defense)
The Clean Missouri Amendment passed by an almost 2-to-1 margin in 2018, after a year-long signature gathering effort by Missouri citizens and a statewide campaign. But now Jefferson City politicians have a dirty new plan they’re putting on the ballot — to overturn the fair map rules put into law by voters, and to replace the good policy in our constitution now with a radical gerrymandering scheme. Clean Missouri is fighting back to defeat this “Dirty Missouri” amendment, Question 3 on the November ballot.


Yes for Fair and Honest Elections – Money in Politics
Yes for Fair and Honest Elections is a diverse coalition of Oregonians dedicated to making sure every voice is heard. Oregon currently has no limits on contributions from big money special interests, and this campaign is working to shine a much-needed light on who is trying to influence our vote.


RCV Bloomington & RCV Minnetonka – Ranked Choice Voting
Two cities in Minnesota, Bloomington and Minnetonka, have campaigns to place and pass Ranked Choice Voting for city elections. RCV has already been successfully used in Minneapolis and St. Paul for nearly a decade, with over 92% of voters saying that it’s easy to use.


Yes on 1: Fair Maps Virginia – Anti-Gerrymandering
Fair Maps Virginia is working to pass a constitutional amendment to reform the way we draw our district lines in Virginia. Measure 1 would create a citizen-led redistricting commission that will end unfair redistricting laws, protect civil rights, and will be transparent and open to the public.

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