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Vermont passes universal vote-by-mail

July 16th 2021Law

Vermont has now joined a growing list of states with universal vote-by-mail! Thanks to a new bill passed by state lawmakers, every eligible Vermont voter will receive a mail-in ballot for all general elections starting in 2022. This common-sense law will undoubtedly increase voter participation and strengthen Vermont’s democracy. 

The new law received tripartisan support in the legislature before being signed by Republican Governor Phil Scott — providing the nation with a shining example of what can happen when lawmakers put country over party.

Major Election Reform Win In Maine

July 16th 2021State Law Passed

Politicians in Maine came together to pass four new laws that strengthen the state’s democracy and modernize local elections. Thanks to these new laws, Maine will establish an online voter registration system, expand the use of ballot drop-boxes, and create a permanent absentee voter list for disabled voters and folks over the age of 65.

These four laws will provide reliable, secure, and equitable access to the ballot box for voters across the state.

Automatic Voter Registration in Maine!

June 19th 2019Law

Congratulations Mainers! Governor Janet Mills signed Speaker Sara Gideon’s automatic voter registration (AVR) legislation into law on June 19, 2019. This crucial legislation breaks down barriers that prevent citizens from registering to vote, cuts down on bureaucracy, saves money, and improves the security of Maine’s elections by keeping the voter rolls up to date. Maine is now the 18th state to adopt an #AVR system!

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Maine Voters Pass a People’s Veto to Keep Ranked Choice Voting

June 12th 2018

Voters in Maine just won an epic battle with politicians by defending America’s first statewide Ranked Choice Voting law.

This historic law sets the standard for breaking the two party duopoly and electing leaders who are more representative of the people.

In November of 2016, Mainers voted to adopt Ranked Choice Voting, and politicians tried to repeal it. But voters gathered 80,000 signatures in 88 days to put a “People’s Veto” on the ballot and stop the repeal.

Learn more about the win in Maine here, or check out our live blog from election day.

Alaskan Voters Pass Suite of “Gold-Standard” Anti-Corruption Reforms

November 3rd 2020Ballot Measure

Over half of Alaskan voters are not affiliated with either major party, but independent voters are locked out of primary elections. Measure 2 in AK included three commonsense reforms: it ends dark money, creates a single unified primary open to voters of all political parties, and empowers voters to rank candidates in order of preference.

In a very close election, Measure 2 passed with 50.55% of voters saying yes. A “yes” vote made changes to Alaska’s election policies, including: (1) requiring persons and entities that contribute more than $2,000 to disclose the true sources (as defined in law) of the political contributions; (2) replacing partisan primaries with open top-four primaries for state executive, state legislative, and congressional offices; and (3) establishing Ranked Choice Voting for general elections — including the presidential election.

Statewide Anti-Corruption Act Passed in Alaska

July 19th 2018

Alaska just proved that the people can pressure politicians to pass strong anti-corruption reforms. After a grassroots coalition led by RepresentUs members in Alaska collected more than 45,000 signatures in support of an Anti-Corruption Act, the Alaska legislature caved and passed HB 44, a bill based on the Act.

The new law cracks down on lobbyist gifts, conflicts of interest, and taxpayer-funded foreign travel.

Learn more about the win in Alaska and what’s in HB 44.

Virginia Voters Take on Gerrymandering—and Win

November 3rd 2020Legislatively Referred Ballot Question

Virginia’s voting maps are rigged. Every ten years, politicians draw voting districts, picking their own voters without oversight, transparency, or citizen involvement. A dedicated group of Virginians decided to change that. In 2018, they kicked off a grassroots campaign to stop gerrymandering in Virginia. To amend the state constitution, the law first had to be passed by the legislature in two separate years, then placed on the ballot for the voters to decide. 

In an impressive display of bipartisan cooperation, the law passed both houses of the legislature in 2019 and 2020, putting Question 1, the Redistricting Commission Amendment, before Virginia voters in November of 2020.

Question 1 was approved by a majority of voters across the aisle — 65.69%. A “yes” vote transferred the power to draw the state’s congressional and legislative districts from the state legislature to a redistricting commission composed of state legislators and citizens.

Major Anti-gerrymandering Victory In Virginia

March 6th 2020Legislative Victory

The people of Virginia won a crucial fight against gerrymandering with a key vote by Virginia lawmakers. The legislature today passed an anti-gerrymandering state constitutional amendment that would ban partisan redistricting. The measure now goes to voters on the November ballot.

With voter approval, Virginia will have a bipartisan commission made up of half citizens and half legislators to redraw district lines. Virginia was recently declared the worst state in the country for partisan gerrymandering.

Victory in Town of Blacksburg, VA

August 14th 2018

Following the recent win in Vinton, VA, Town of Blacksburg has unanimously passed Virginia’s third municipal anti-corruption resolution, thanks to our amazing volunteers from Represent Roanoke! Three years ago, they helped make Roanoke the eighth U.S. city to call for new laws to end legalized corruption. Congrats to our volunteers and to Virginia!

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Oregon Enacts Campaign Finance Limits

November 3rd 2020Constitutional Amendment

Oregon Measure 107, the Campaign Finance Amendment, was on the ballot in Oregon as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment on November 3, 2020. It was overwhelmingly approved by voters across the aisle, passing with 78.31% of the vote. 

According to Ballotpedia, a “yes” vote authorized the state legislature and local governments to (1) enact laws or ordinances limiting campaign contributions and expenditures; (2) require disclosure of contributions and expenditures; and (3) require that political advertisements identify the people or entities that paid for them.

Measure 107 was championed by grassroots advocates and was referred to the ballot with bipartisan support.

Portland, Oregon Passes Open & Accountable Elections

December 14th 2016

Represent Portland joined the coalition, A Voice for All Portland, to pass Open & Accountable Elections through the Portland City Council. Open & Accountable Elections will curb the power of wealthy donors in city elections, making it easier for all Portlanders – regardless of their wealth or connections– to run for office. This will make the city government more representative and accountable to the voters.

Multnomah County, Oregon Passes Campaign Finance Reform Measure

November 8th 2016

Our Represent Portland chapter worked with local coalition partners to pass Measure 26-184 with 89% support. The measure will limit contributions from individuals and PACs to $500, limit independent spending, and require disclosure of the true funders of political ads.

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Boulder, CO Joins List of Cities Adopting RCV

November 3rd 2020Charter Amendment Measure

On November 3, 2020, Voters in Boulder, CO overwhelmingly approved Measure 2E — a charter amendment measure enacting Ranked Choice Voting — by 78.14%. Measure 2E allows voters to elect their mayor using Ranked Choice Voting. Boulder was the largest city in Colorado to not directly elect its Mayor.

Colorado Voters Approve Anti-Gerrymandering Amendments Y & Z with 71% in Support

November 6th 2018

RepresentUs members joined Fair Maps Colorado to inform voters and get out the vote. And because of all that hard work, Colorado stopped partisan gerrymandering in congressional and legislative districts!

Learn more about the campaign to pass Amendments Y & Z:

See the campaign timeline

Denver Passes Campaign Contribution Limits and Public Financing

November 6th 2018

In a big municipal win, RepresentUs members in Denver celebrated the passage of Measure 2E: The Democracy for the People Initiative.

This measure bans corporate contributions to candidates for city office, lowers overall contribution limits for city races, and creates a public financing program for city candidates who qualify, agree to lower contribution limits, and agree to not accept donations from political committees. It was passed by the voters on November 6th, 2018.

Learn more here.

Minnetonka Voters Enact Ranked Choice Voting

November 3rd 2020Charter Amendment

Question 1, a Ranked Choice Voting charter amendment, was on the ballot as a referral in Minnetonka. On November 3, 2020, 54.71% of Minnetonka voters approved of the measure to implement RCV, a system in which all candidates appear on the ballot during a single general election, encouraging more voter participation. 

The measure was supported by leaders from both political parties, including Governor Tim Walz, Congressman Dean Phillips, former US Senator Dave Durenberger, and former Governor Arne Carlson.

Bloomington Eliminates Costly Primary, Enacts RCV

November 3rd 2020Charter Amendment Measure

Only 5-10% of Bloomington voters participated in the summer primary to decide who ends up on the ballot in November for mayor and city council. On November 3rd, Bloomington voters voted yes on Question 3, a Ranked Choice Voting charter amendment measure.

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) eliminates the low-turnout, costly primary and allows all candidates to run in November, when voter turnout is higher and more representative of the diverse community.


Eureka, CA Passes Ranked Choice Voting

November 3rd 2020Voting Ordinance Measure

Eureka’s City Council voted unanimously to put Ranked Choice Voting on the November 2020 ballot, where it was approved by voters. Ranked Choice Voting empowers Eureka’s voters to express their opinions without fear of the spoiler effect.

Albany, CA Passed Ranked Choice Voting

November 3rd 2020Voting Ordinance Measure

Albany residents put Measure BB, a voting ordinance measure, on the ballot to institute Ranked Choice Voting. On November 3, 2020, it passed with 73.27% of voter’s support, authoring the use of RCV for city elections for members of the city council and the board of education.

Albany residents and voters deserve a government that represents their entire community.

San Francisco Passes Dark Money Law

November 5th 2019

On election day 2019, San Francisco passed a dark money ad disclosure & ethics law. In the city home to the tech companies publishing controversial political ads, voters passed a law to strengthen San Francisco’s campaign finance and influence laws. The measure, championed by the Sunlight on Dark Money coalition has two primary purposes: It will create transparency by requiring groups that produce campaign ads to show their major funding sources, and it will root out conflicts of interest by preventing LLCs and those with an interest in certain city decisions—like zoning—from contributing to the officials with a role in making those decisions. 

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St. Louis Implements Nonpartisan Elections

November 3rd 2020Municipal Ballot Measure

In November 2020, STL voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition D with 68% of the vote. Proposition D implements nonpartisan municipal elections in St. Louis City for the offices of mayor, comptroller, president of the board of aldermen, and aldermanic seats, including an approval voting primary and a top-two general election runoff. This municipal ballot measure helps ensure that election winners have a broad base of support — and a mandate to govern — by eliminating vote-splitting and spoiler effects.

Missouri Voters Pass Anti-Corruption and Anti-Gerrymandering Amendment 1

November 6th 2018

RepresentUs members joined the Clean Missouri coalition to inform voters, phone bank, knock on doors, and get out the vote. And because of all that hard work, Missourians passed tough anti-corruption reforms that gives power back to the voters!

Amendment 1:

  • Eliminates almost all lobbyist gifts in the General Assembly
  • Requires that legislative records be open to the public
  • Stops the revolving door, requiring politicians to wait two years before becoming lobbyists
  • Ends partisan gerrymandering
  • Lowers campaign contribution limits for state legislative candidates

Lobbyists tried to kick the Amendment off the ballot and prevent us from passing it. But thanks to our movement it stayed on the ballot and won.

Learn more:

See the campaign timeline

Volunteers Pass Sweeping Ethics Reform in Naples, FL

August 18th 2020City Charter Amendment

In 2018, Represent Southwest Florida worked with Ethics Naples to put an ethics measure on the ballot in Naples, Florida. When the City Council sued to try and keep the initiative off the ballot, Represent Southwest Florida and Ethics Naples fought back and won the lawsuit.

In August of 2020, the measure passed with over 62% of the vote. This measure amends the city’s charter to establish an independent ethics commission and an ethics office to set minimum requirements for the city’s ethics code.

Cocoa, Florida City Council Unanimously Approves Anti-Corruption Resolution

July 27th 2016

Volunteers with our Represent the Space Coast chapter passed the first Anti-Corruption Resolution in the Sunshine State. The Cocoa City Council unanimously approved the resolution proclaiming the city’s ongoing support for transparency, impartial decision-making, integrity, and accountability at every level of government.

Miami-Dade County, Florida Passes Transparency Measure

May 17th 2016

A county-wide transparency measure calling for greater transparency has passed in Miami-Dade! The legislation, passing 7-to-1, requires transparency regarding from all candidates for local office and lowers the campaign donation threshold.

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Easthampton Passes Ranked Choice Voting

November 5th 2019

On election day 2019, Easthampton, MA residents voted approve Ranked Choice Voting. RCV will be used in future Easthampton elections for Mayor and District City Councilor. RCV reduces costs, encourages more independent and third-party candidates to compete, and gives voters more choice and more voice. Bringing RCV to Easthampton could help pave the way for the system’s use statewide, a move that could reach Massachusetts voters as early as the 2020 ballot thanks to Voter Choice Massachusetts

Article Passes in New Salem, Massachusetts

June 25th 2019Resolution

Western Massachusetts does it again! The City Council members of New Salem passed article 41 which focuses their efforts on limiting the influence of money in their political sphere and committing to voice these desires to their state officials directly. Three cheers for New Salem!

See the Resolution

Unanimous Decision in Ashfield, Massachusetts

May 4th 2019Resolution

Ashfield citizens voted unanimously for an article that supports transparency in campaign financing, pushing for automatic voter registration, and ending gerrymandering. Ashfield is burning bright!

See the Resolution
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New York City Passes Ranked Choice Voting

November 5th 2019

On election day 2019, New Yorkers approved Ranked Choice Voting, effectively tripling the number of Americans who can use RCV in upcoming elections. This marks the largest campaign in U.S. history to use RCV. Voters in NYC approved the system for primary and special elections in citywide and council races. Local chapter Represent NYC joined a coalition of New Yorkers to pass this game-changing election reform after months of work from local leaders, volunteers and democracy reform groups like FairVote and Common Cause New York.

New Yorkers Improve Local Innovative Public Campaign Financing Program

November 6th 2018

With the support of RepresentUs members in New York, Question 1 was given the green light by the voters to strengthen the city’s matching public campaign financing system and tighten campaign contribution limits.

Learn more here.

The Pennsylvania General Assembly Passes SB421

November 1st 2019

A huge win for the reform movement! The Pennsylvania General Assembly just passed SB421, a bill that would enable voting at home, more time to register to vote, and funding for election security and voting machines that produce a paper trail. Governor Tom Wolf signed the bill into effect on Thursday, October 31, 2019. The amendments were actively proposed and supported by Represent Pennsylvania and our allies March on Harrisburg, Common Cause, League of Women Voters, UUPLAN and others.

West Chester, Pennsylvania Joins the fight!

March 20th 2019Resolution

The West Chester Borough Council showed their support to the basic tenets of the American Anti Corruption Act (AACA), and urged lawmakers to act on laws dealing with state campaign financing, fighting lobbyist influence, thwarting foreign intervention, fighting gerrymandering, and protecting voter rights. West Chester is putting power back in the hands of the people!

See the Resolution

Nescopeck Township Passes 14th Anti-Corruption Resolution in Pennsylvania

April 20th 2018

Corruption is officially no longer safe in Pennsylvania, as RepresentUs members celebrate their 7th resolution of 2018. On April 20th, Nescopeck Township passed a resolution in support of the American Anti-Corruption Act, and is now the 14th PA legislative body to do so. Way to go Represent Pennsylvania!

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New Jersey Passes Statewide Law to End Dark Money

June 17th 2019Campaign Finance Reform

Victory for transparency! New Jersey passed a statewide law to end dark money that was signed into law by Governor Murphy.

Represent New Jersey leaders David Goodman and Susan Colby built a massive bipartisan coalition and passed local anti-corruption resolutions across the state. Their efforts ultimately led to reforming campaign finance disclosure laws for the entire state of New Jersey—proof that we can fix our broken political system, one state at a time.

Check out the Details

Unanimous Vote: NJ Campaign Refinance Bill

January 23rd 2019Unanimous Committee Vote

Riding their grassroots momentum, the Represent New Jersey team has done it again! This time, they testified for a bill that cracks down on committees that secretly fund campaigns. As a result, the bill passed unanimously 12-0, and will now move forward to to the full Senate for a final vote. Amazing work from one of the longest-standing RepresentUs chapters.

New Jersey Defeats Partisan Gerrymandering

December 17th 2018

Represent Central New Jersey just secured another anti-gerrymandering win for 2018. The chapter, alongside community leaders and coalition partners, just defeated a Democrat-led effort to push a partisan gerrymandering amendment through the legislature. Facing massive grassroots pressure, the Senate President and Assembly Speaker pulled the amendment. RepresentUs members showed that this movement is ready to fight against corruption by those in power—regardless of party affiliation.

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Anti-Corruption Resolution in Tucson, AZ

April 9th 2019Resolution

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and The City Council of Tuscon called upon state officials to enact legislation that will require transparency of political spending, increase disclosure amounts for lobbyists, and increase the enforcement of campaign finance guidelines. Go Tucson!

See the Resolution

Phoenix Passes Dark Money Disclosure Law

November 6th 2018

The Represent Phoenix chapter and members of Represent Arizona backed Proposition 419, a dark money disclosure law for the city of Phoenix.

Learn more here.

Tempe, Arizona Passes an Ordinance to End Secret Money

March 13th 2018Local Ordinance Passed

On March 13th, voters in Tempe passed a local ordinance to end secret money in local elections with 91% support. The new ordinance rattled state politicians, who have since worked quickly to pass HB2153 which would nullify Tempe’s vote and stop other communities in the state from passing similar laws. Represent Arizona is fighting back!

Learn more here.

Utah Pushes Back Against Gerrymandering with Statewide Resolution

November 16th 2018Statewide Binding Resolution

Voters in Utah led by the Better Boundaries coalition pushed through legislation that creates an independent commission to propose bipartisan state legislative and congressional district maps. This cracks down on gerrymandering by restricting the ability of politicians to draw their own district lines. An incredible grassroots win in the Southwestern U.S!

Memphis Defends Ranked Choice Voting from City Council Sabotage

November 6th 2018

Voters in Memphis stopped the City Council from overturning voter-approved instant runoff voting (also known as ranked choice voting).

Voters passed instant runoff voting in 2008, but politicians tried to repeal it by putting deliberately confusing questions on the ballot. RepresentUs members joined Save IRV Memphis to push back and successfully defended the law.

Now the politicians know: we meant it when we passed it, and we’re not backing down.

Learn more about the Memphis ballot measures here.

Michigan Passes Anti-Gerrymandering

November 6th 2018State Constitutional Amendment

Voters in Michigan decisively rejected gerrymandering for congressional and state legislative districts by approving Proposal 2.

The state constitutional amendment was attacked by a dark money group trying to take it off the ballot, but Represent Michigan members led a campaign to keep it on and let the voters decide. Now, Michigan will have a fair, impartial, and transparent redistricting process that puts power back in the hands of voters – not politicians or special interests.

Learn more about this historic win in Michigan:

See the campaign timeline

Michigan Passes Voter Access Reforms

November 6th 2018

Represent Michigan members know that expanding electoral participation is crucial to a healthy society. That’s why they supported Proposal 3 – passed at the ballot on November 6th, 2018 – which allows any registered voter to request an absentee ballot, permits citizens to register to vote in-person through Election Day, automatically registers qualified citizens to vote when they receive or update their driver’s license or state identification, and adds other voting policies to the Michigan Constitution.

Learn more here.

Ferndale, Michigan Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution

August 28th 2017

Great news from the amazing RepresentUs Metro Detroit chapter: they have successfully passed a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution in the city of Ferndale on August 28, 2017! This is the team’s third win, and we are so proud of all their hard work. Congratulations!

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Statewide Anti-Corruption Amendment Passes in North Dakota

November 6th 2018

The voters of North Dakota approved Measure 1, the Anti-Corruption Amendment, after a powerful grassroots campaign led by the “badass grandmas” of North Dakotans for Public Integrity. Represent North Dakota members led the creation of the Amendment and founded the successful campaign to pass it.

Measure 1 increases transparency, roots out conflicts of interest, restricts lobbyist gifts, bans foreign money from elections, prevents personal use of campaign money, closes the revolving door from public official to lobbyist, and holds public officials accountable to the people.

Learn more about the people’s win in North Dakota and Measure 1:

See the campaign timeline

Baltimore Passes Public Financing

November 6th 2018

This year, voters took the latest leap forward when they authorized the creation of a fund to provide for public campaign financing for city candidates, as well as the creation of a commission to oversee the public financing program. 

Learn more here.

New Mexico Approves Creation of an Independent Ethics Commission

November 6th 2018

Prior to election day, New Mexico was one of only 7 states without an ethics commission. Not any more! Voters approved Amendment 2 after a successful campaign supported by members of Represent New Mexico.

Learn more here.

Nevadans Approve Secure and Modern Elections

November 6th 2018

Nevadans for Secure Elections led the campaign for Question 5, a common sense solution to increase electoral participation and security. Represent Las Vegas and Represent Nevada members worked to support Question 5. With this win, Nevada will automatically register eligible citizens to vote when they receive or update their driver’s license or identification card, and automatically update their registration if they change their address, unless they choose to decline.

Learn more here.

Bridgeport, Connecticut Passes CT's 1st Anti-Corruption Resolution

June 4th 2018

The coalition Bridgeport United Against Corruption has passed Connecticut’s first anti-corruption resolution! The City Council passed the resolution with a majority vote. This is a big win as Bridgeport is Connecticut’s largest city. This volunteer-led initiative was postponed several times before coming to a final successful vote. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, real change is coming to CT!

DuPage County, Illinois Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution

May 15th 2018

Represent DuPage has passed their first resolution! On May 15th the DuPage County Board enacted an anti-corruption resolution. Illinois passed their first piece of anti-corruption legislation in Genoa in 2014. Since then volunteers have worked to build four powerful grassroots chapters, who have led 6 resolution victories. Congrats to our volunteers and the state of Illinois!

Cook County, Illinois Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution

February 7th 2018

Represent West Suburban Cook County led efforts to pass an anti-corruption resolution on February 7th, our largest (by population) resolution win to date. With the support of Represent Chicago and Represent Rockford, local efforts succeeded in winning the 6th anti-corruption resolution in the state of Illinois.

Stephenson County, Illinois Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution

April 4th 2017

Our all-star chapters in Illinois teamed up to pass the fifth county-wide anti-corruption resolution in their state. On April 4th the resolution passed with over 90% of public support, more proof that when presented with the ideas of the American Anti-corruption Act, the American people vote for reform.

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Ohio Passes a Law to Fight Gerrymandering

May 8th 2018

On May 8th, Ohio voters passed a law that will fight gerrymandering in congressional districts. Issue 1 passed with a whopping 74.85% of the vote and is the first of five total statewide campaigns to fight gerrymandering this year. Learn more about the win in Ohio and upcoming gerrymandering campaigns here.

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Yancey County, North Carolina Adopts Two Anti-Corruption Resolutions

November 13th 2017

On November 14th, our Represent Burnsville team worked with the Yancey County Commission to adopt two anti-corruption resolutions. 1) In favor of an independent [redistricting] commission to comply with required redistricting, and 2) support enforcement of existing Anti-corruption laws and campaign finance reform. Bravo to our members in North Carolina!

Burnsville, North Carolina Passes Two Comprehensive Reform Resolutions

June 26th 2017

]Our newly formed Burnsville Chapter celebrated two victories on June 26th, 2017. The Burnsville town council unanimously voted in favor of a comprehensive anti-gerrymandering resolution as well as a campaign refinance resolution. The people of North Carolina are working together across the aisle to make their voices heard, ensure their votes are respected, and that the government represents the people. Congratulations!

Carrboro, North Carolina City Council Unanimously Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution

April 18th 2017

Congratulations to Represent Triangle for its first win in North Carolina on April 18, 2017! This group passed a resolution unanimously through city council, which called for the passage of new, tough anti-corruption laws in the state and promised to pass legislation in the town of Carrboro that would promote transparency and reform the broken systems of campaign finance and government ethics.

South Dakota Passes First Statewide Anti-Corruption Act

November 8th 2016

In 2016, voters in South Dakota made history by passing America’s first statewide Anti-Corruption Act. People of all political backgrounds supported the South Dakota Government Accountability and Anti-Corruption Act, a measure that will increase transparency and accountability and empower voters across the state.

In 2017, establishment politicians repealed it. Represent South Dakota members mounted another campaign and got Amendment W, the Voter Protection and Anti-Corruption Amendment, on the ballot for the 2018 election to close the loopholes and protect the people’s ballot initiative process.

Despite incredibly hard work by our Represent South Dakota chapter, lobbying groups spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a campaign to misinform voters and ultimately prevailed. Represent South Dakota is getting re-organized and preparing for the next round of the fight. Learn more about our 2018 fight here.

Seattle, Washington Passes Ethics Ballot Measure

November 3rd 2015

In Seattle, Washington, a nonpartisan, local coalition successfully passed the I-122 ballot initiative. Led by Honest Elections Seattle, the effort sought to reduce conflicts of interest and create a more representative local government by passing a law modeled after the American Anti-Corruption Act.

Students at a University in Texas Call out Corruption

February 3rd 2015Local Non-binding Resolution

A non-binding resolution was passed at Sam Houston University, endorsed by the Student Government Association. This resolution called for the restoration of ordinary Americans as the most important stakeholders in government instead of major donors, mentioning that the majority of the nearly $6 billion spent in the 2012 elections came from big special interest donors.

This resolution was sent to multiple administrative members in the school system, including the Dean of Students. It stipulated that SHSU must demonstrate policies that increase transparency within public spending and campaign funding. A great representation of students taking part in our grassroots movement!