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Maine Voters Pass a People’s Veto to Keep Ranked Choice Voting!

June 12th 2018

Voters in Maine just won an epic battle with politicians by defending America’s first statewide Ranked Choice Voting law.

This historic law sets the standard for breaking the two party duopoly and electing leaders who are more representative of the people.

In November of 2016, Mainers voted to adopt Ranked Choice Voting, and politicians tried to repeal it. But voters gathered 80,000 signatures in 88 days to put a “People’s Veto” on the ballot and stop the repeal.

Learn more about the win in Maine here, or check out our live blog from election day.

Hopewell Township, New Jersey Unanimously Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution!

June 11th 2018

Hopewell Township has passed New Jersey’s 7th anti-corruption resolution! Represent New Jersey is one of the longest-standing RepresentUs chapters. They  were founded in 2012 and passed their first resolution in 2014, while steadily increasing grassroots support and awareness. The resolution passed with unanimous support through the council. Congrats to this dedicated team of super volunteers!

Cranbury Township, New Jersey Passes Comprehensive Reform Resolution!

November 27th 2017

Our amazing  Represent Central NJ chapter has passed their 6th resolution! On November 27th the Cranbury Township passed a comprehensive resolution that calls for better transparency and campaign finance reform and greater disclosure of dark money funds. Congrats to you all!

West Windsor, New Jersey Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution!

July 10th 2017

Congratulations to our committed Represent Central NJ chapter who just celebrated their 6th all time win! The City Council in West Windsor, New Jersey voted to pass a comprehensive anti-corruption resolution on July 10, 2017. Amazing work from everyone involved!

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Vinton, Virginia Passes Anti-Corruption Act Thanks to Young Activists!

June 5th 2018

Our latest win comes out of Vinton, VA, thanks to an ambitious group of young activists from William Byrd High School’s Democracy Matters Club. Tessa Yarbrough, winner of the Unrig Courage Award (along with mother Angela), championed the resolution.  With the help of Represent Roanoke Valley, the group passed Virginia’s second municipality anti-corruption resolution. You are an inspiration to us all – way to go!

Roanoke Valley, Virginia Passes Laws to End Legalized Corruption!

November 16th 2015

Volunteers with Represent Roanoke helped make Roanoke the eighth city in the nation to officially call for tough, new laws to end the legalized corruption currently running rampant in our country.

Bridgeport, Connecticut Passes CT's 1st Anti-Corruption Resolution

June 4th 2018

The coalition Bridgeport United Against Corruption has passed Connecticut’s first anti-corruption resolution! The City Council passed the resolution with a majority vote. This is a big win as Bridgeport is Connecticut’s largest city. This volunteer-led initiative was postponed several times before coming to a final successful vote. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, real change is coming to CT!

DuPage County, Illinois Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution

May 15th 2018

Represent DuPage has passed their first resolution! On May 15th the DuPage County Board enacted an anti-corruption resolution. Illinois passed their first piece of anti-corruption legislation in Genoa in 2014. Since then volunteers have worked to build four powerful grassroots chapters, who have led 6 resolution victories. Congrats to our volunteers and the state of Illinois!

Cook County, Illinois Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution!

February 7th 2018

Represent West Suburban Cook County led efforts to pass an anti-corruption resolution on February 7th, our largest (by population) resolution win to date. With the support of Represent Chicago and Represent Rockford, local efforts succeeded in winning the 6th anti-corruption resolution in the state of Illinois.

Stephenson County, Illinois Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution!

April 4th 2017

Our all-star chapters in Illinois teamed up to pass the fifth county-wide anti-corruption resolution in their state. On April 4th the resolution passed with over 90% of public support, more proof that when presented with the ideas of the American Anti-corruption Act, the American people vote for reform.

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Pelham Passes Massachusett's 30th Anti-Corruption Resolution!

May 12th 2018

Represent Western Mass has passed the state’s 30th anti-corruption resolution. On May 12th, the  Pelham Town Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of the American Anti-Corruption Act. Real change is on its way thanks to our dedicated volunteers!

Sudbury, Massachusetts Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution!

May 11th 2018

In a joint effort with Represent Boston and Represent Western Mass, an anti-corruption resolution was brought to a vote in the town of Sudbury, Massachusetts on May 11th. The resolution passed with an overwhelming vote of 300 – 4 in favor. Teamwork ends corruption!

Sunderland, Massachusetts Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution!

April 27th 2018

Thanks to Represent Western Mass, RepresentUs has our 10th win this year! On April 27th, residents unanimously passed a resolution in support of the American Anti-Corruption Act. This marks Represent Western Mass’ 1st win of 2018, keep up the great work!

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Ohio Passes a Law to Fight Gerrymandering!

May 8th 2018

On May 8th, Ohio voters passed a law that will fight gerrymandering in congressional districts. Issue 1 passed with a whopping 74.85% of the vote and is the first of five total statewide campaigns to fight gerrymandering this year. Learn more about the win in Ohio and upcoming gerrymandering campaigns here.

Nescopeck Township Passes 14th Anti-Corruption Resolution in Pennsylvania!

April 20th 2018

Corruption is officially no longer safe in Pennsylvania, as RepresentUs members celebrate their 7th resolution of 2018. On April 20th, Nescopeck Township passed a resolution in support of the American Anti-Corruption Act, and is now the 14th PA legislative body to do so. Way to go Represent Pennsylvania!

Northumberland County Passes Pennsylvania's 13th Anti-Corruption Resolution!

April 3rd 2018

Represent Pennsylvania’s strategy has led them to yet another victory! On April 3rd, Northumberland County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution in support of the American Anti-Corruption Act. This is Pennsylvania’s 6th resolution of 2018, and 13th overall. Congrats to Represent PA members on this amazing win streak!

Foster Township, Pennsylvania Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution!

February 14th 2018

With their fifth win of the 2018 (and their second on Valentine’s Day), Represent Pennsylvania is celebrating another great victory!! On February 14th, the Foster Township Board of Supervisors passed an anti-corruption resolution supporting the American Anti-Corruption Act. Keep up the great work Represent Pennsylvania!

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Tempe, Arizona Passes an Ordinance to End Secret Money!

March 13th 2018Local Ordinance Passed

On March 13th, voters in Tempe passed a local ordinance to end secret money in local elections with 91% support. The new ordinance rattled state politicians, who have since worked quickly to pass HB2153 which would nullify Tempe’s vote and stop other communities in the state from passing similar laws. Represent Arizona is fighting back!

Yancey County, North Carolina Adopts Two Anti-Corruption Resolutions!

November 13th 2017

On November 14th, our Represent Burnsville team worked with the Yancey County Commission to adopt two anti-corruption resolutions. 1) In favor of an independent [redistricting] commission to comply with required redistricting, and 2) support enforcement of existing Anti-corruption laws and campaign finance reform. Bravo to our members in North Carolina!

Burnsville, North Carolina Passes Comprehensive Gerrymandering Reform Resolution!

June 26th 2017

Our newly formed Burnsville Chapter celebrated their second victory on June 26th, 2017. The Burnsville town council unanimously voted in favor of a comprehensive anti-gerrymandering resolution. The people of North Carolina are making sure their voices are heard, their votes are respected and that the government represents them. Congratulations!

Carrboro, North Carolina City Council Unanimously Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution!

April 18th 2017

Congratulations to Represent Triangle for its first win in North Carolina on April 18, 2017! This group passed a resolution unanimously through city council, which called for the passage of new, tough anti-corruption laws in the state and promised to pass legislation in the town of Carrboro that would promote transparency and reform the broken systems of campaign finance and government ethics.

Ferndale, Michigan Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution!

August 28th 2017

Great news from the amazing RepresentUs Metro Detroit chapter: they have successfully passed a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution in the city of Ferndale on August 28, 2017! This is the team’s third win, and we are so proud of all their hard work. Congratulations!

Pleasant Ridge, Michigan Unanimously Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution!

June 13th 2017

On June 13th, 2017 the Pleasant Ridge City Commission voted unanimously to pass a comprehensive Anti-Corruption Resolution. This makes Pleasant Ridge the second city in Michigan to do so! Thank you Represent Metro Detroit for all the hard work you did to make this happen.

Southfield, Michigan Passes Anti-Corruption Resolution!

September 26th 2016

Members of our Represent Oakland County, MI, chapter passed Michigan’s first Anti-Corruption Resolution!The Southfield City Council unanimously approved the resolution calling for anti-corruption reform at the state and federal level. The vote came one year after Represent Oakland County members secured an endorsement of the Anti-Corruption Act from then mayoral candidate Ken Siver.

Portland, Oregon Passes Open & Accountable Elections!

December 14th 2016

Represent Portland joined the coalition, A Voice for All Portland, to pass Open & Accountable Elections through the Portland City Council. Open & Accountable Elections will curb the power of wealthy donors in city elections, making it easier for all Portlanders – regardless of their wealth or connections– to run for office. This will make the city government more representative and accountable to the voters.

Multnomah County, Oregon Passes Campaign Finance Reform Measure!

November 8th 2016

Our Represent Portland chapter worked with local coalition partners to pass Measure 26-184 with 89% support. The measure will limit contributions from individuals and PACs to $500, limit independent spending, and require disclosure of the true funders of political ads.

Portland, Oregon Chapter Helps Pass Local Transparency Legislation!

April 20th 2016

The volunteers with our Represent Portland chapter have helped pass local legislation focused on increasing transparency in local elections. The new rule requires lobbyists and political consultants to disclose their political services.

South Dakota Passes First Statewide Anti-Corruption Act!

November 8th 2016

Voters in South Dakota made history by passing America’s first statewide Anti-Corruption Act. People of all political backgrounds supported the South Dakota Government Accountability and Anti-Corruption Act, a measure that will increase transparency and accountability and empower voters across the state.

San Francisco, California Chapter Led the Effort to Pass Ban on Lobbyist Gifts!

November 8th 2016

RepresentUs San Francisco chapter members led the effort to pass Prop T, a ban on gifts from lobbyists with 87% support, the biggest margin of victory of any San Francisco ballot measure in over 20 years. Represent San Francisco received endorsements for Prop T from over 50 community organizations and individuals, including the SF Republican Party, SF Democratic Party, League of Women Voters, and more.

San Francisco, California Voted for Anti-Corruption Ballot Measure!

November 3rd 2015

Voters in San Francisco, California supported the Expenditure Lobbyist Measure, an anti-corruption ballot measure. Friends of Ethics, a local ethics watchdog, partnered with Represent San Francisco and other volunteers to qualify the measure for the ballot and ensure its successful passage.

Cocoa, Florida City Council Unanimously Approves Anti-Corruption Resolution!

July 27th 2016

Volunteers with our Represent the Space Coast chapter passed the first Anti-Corruption Resolution in the Sunshine State. The Cocoa City Council unanimously approved the resolution proclaiming the city’s ongoing support for transparency, impartial decision-making, integrity, and accountability at every level of government.

Miami-Dade County, Florida Passes Transparency Measure!

May 17th 2016

A county-wide transparency measure calling for greater transparency has passed in Miami-Dade! The legislation, passing 7-to-1, requires transparency regarding from all candidates for local office and lowers the campaign donation threshold.

Tallahassee, Florida Approves Anti-Corruption Act!

November 4th 2014

Voters in Tallahassee, Florida, approved the first city-wide Anti-Corruption Act in the United States, which passed by an overwhelming 2-1 margin. The win was spearheaded by a small but dedicated group of progressives, conservatives, and independents—including the Chair of the Florida Tea Party Network, the former President of the  Florida League of Women Voters, the Chairman of Florida  Common Cause, and a former Democratic County  Commissioner—who came together to bring the Anti-Corruption Act to their city.

Seattle, Washington Passes Ethics Ballot Measure!

November 3rd 2015

In Seattle, Washington, a nonpartisan, local coalition successfully passed the I-122 ballot initiative. Led by Honest Elections Seattle, the effort sought to reduce conflicts of interest and create a more representative local government by passing a law modeled after the American Anti-Corruption Act.