Utah: Protect and Expand Ranked Choice Voting

Campaign Status: Victory!


Congrats to our partners at Utah RCV and to the hundreds of Utah and RepresentUs volunteers who successfully defended ranked-choice voting! When legislators in Utah attempted to end the pilot program three years early, their constituents made calls and showed public support to help defeat a bill that would’ve ended the use of RCV in the state. Now Utah can continue with their RCV pilot program, which allows municipalities to opt-in to use ranked-choice voting.

The Policy

Ranked Choice Voting: extend/expand the RCV pilot program, defeat efforts to end the pilot program for everyone, & get more municipalities to adopt RCV


In 2018, the Utah legislature authorized a municipal RCV pilot program, set to run for six years. Of the voters who used RCV in Utah in 2019, 80% reported that they preferred RCV. In 2021, 21 more cities opted to use RCV, marking a major win for Utah voters.

The pilot program is to be reconsidered in the upcoming 2024 legislature where it can be extended as is, ended, or modified in various ways, and despite success in the pilot program, RCV in Utah has seen attacks from politicians afraid of losing their grip on power.

Who’s Involved?

RepresentUs is working with Utah RCV to engage as many RCV supporters as possible to extend/expand the RCV program and oppose its ending.


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