Help us challenge the undue influence of well-financed special interests over American politics and government. Join our team as we seek to transform our nation’s smoldering outrage over corruption, gridlock, and bailouts into a powerful political force that will deliver lasting, structural reforms. We are a hard-working, mission-driven organization based in Florence, MA.

// Jobs

There are currently no open positions at Represent.Us. Please check back later.


// Internships

Calling all passionate individuals ready to take on corruption in our government.

Represent.Us is seeking talented undergraduate students who feel passionate about addressing the undue influence of money in U.S. politics. This internship program will allow students to gain a deep understanding the democracy reform movements taking place in our country right now.

We are currently offering summer, fall and spring semester internship opportunities at our Northampton office (Five Colleges area; accessible by PVTA). We are committed to making sure the experience here is challenging, informative and educational. We are happy to work with colleges or universities so interns may earn credit for work done in our office. Fulltime summer internships include a modest stipend.

Our organization is growing fast after a big Election Day victory on November 4, 2014, and we need your help. We have nearly half a million supporters, and local chapters from New York City to Bellingham, Washington. Our work has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC’s TODAY Show, and hundreds of other national and local media outlets. Take a moment to check out the position openings now, then send your resume and cover letter to Some positions have additional application requirements; instructions can be found at the end of each position description.

At this time, all intern work is performed out of our Northampton office and we do not offer a telecommuting option. If you are interested in getting involved remotely as a volunteer, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Communications Intern

Represent.Us is seeking qualified candidates for a communications intern position in our Northampton, MA office (five college area; accessible by PVTA). The communications intern will play a direct role in the day-to-day work of the communications team for our national campaign.

What kind of work would I do?

This internship will teach you to apply a variety of skills in the fast-paced setting of a national political campaign. Don’t have experience with everything on this list? Don’t panic — we’ll teach you (call us old fashioned, but we believe internships should be about learning instead of exploiting free labor).

Your work may include:

  • Assisting with press work such as drafting press releases, developing media contact lists, and outreach to journalists and news outlets
  • Content creation and curation for our digital media platforms
  • Social media administration and community management
  • Managing strategic partnerships, audience development, and content distribution
  • Research projects to support our public policy and electoral work
  • Developing and refining targeted online advertising campaigns
  • Building campaign emails for our 250,000+ membership list
  • Coordinating with our campaign team to support our grassroots organizing efforts

How do I apply?

Send the following to (use the subject line “Communications Intern”):

  • Resume
  • Cover letter — Why should we hire you? Why do you want to work here? What special skills do you bring to the table?
  • 3 recent writing samples — No need to write anything new. These can be anything from blog posts to old class papers, as long as you provide us with a body of work that gives us a sense of your ability as a writer (material on politics or current events a plus, but not required)
  • 3 social media samples — Links to 3 of your posts on social media. These can be either personal posts, or posts authored for a school club or previous job / internship, as long as it provides a sense of your voice on social media. Examples might include (but are not limited to):
    • A witty Tweet that you’re particularly proud of
    • A Facebook page you admin or post content to
    • An in-depth Tumblr post or Reddit comment
    • A video you’ve posted to YouTube or Vimeo

Campaign Initiatives Intern

Represent.Us is seeking qualified candidates for a campaign initiatives intern position in our Northampton, MA office. The campaign initiative intern will play a direct role in the day-to-day work of the organizing team, allowing students to gain a hands-on understanding of the democracy reform movements taking place in our country. Working closely with the staff, interns will work on the many facets of an advocacy organization such as organizing, research and organizational outreach.

Depending on skill level and interest, interns may take part in:

Researching city and state elections/corruption laws

  • Drafting texts such as emails and scripts to potential allies and volunteers
  • Grassroots organizing efforts
  • Database tracking
  • Researching media and ad buys


In addition to supporting our programmatic efforts, daily tasks will include some administrative and operational support. Ideal candidates will be hard working, enthusiastic, detail-oriented, resourceful and, most importantly, have a passion for good government.


If you are interested in applying, please send the following to with the subject line “Campaign Initiatives Intern”:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • A persuasive, 150 word op-ed on any recent news story. Be persuasive!

Graphic Design Intern

Represent.Us is seeking qualified candidates for a graphics design intern position in our Northampton, MA office. The design intern will play a direct role in the day-to-day work of the design team. Working closely with the staff, this position will entail:

  • Designing graphics for social media, web sites and other needs
  • Research into news stories and/or elections data
  • Distilling complex ideas into simple concepts; short copywriting
  • Creating work consistent with established brand and style guides
  • Working independently on tasks, but also collaborating and responding to criticism with a small team

Candidates should be comfortable with Adobe Creative Suite (especially Photoshop or Illustrator), and have experience creating graphics for web pages or social media platforms such as Facebook. Familiarity with WordPress, HTML and CSS will be helpful.

If interested, please send the following to with the subject line “Graphic Design Intern”:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Three graphics samples that exemplify your work (in one PDF file)