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Unrig Summit: Unrigged Live!

Unrigged Live! is the marquee event of the Summit: an inspiring evening of live music, stand-up comedy, and short speeches, hosted by Jennifer Lawrence and Ed Helms.

One man's 700-mile walk to end corruption

Our democratic republic is in peril. From gerrymandering to outrageously high lobbyist spending, political corruption is affecting every issue we care about. That's why Renaldo Pearson walked 700 miles from Atlanta to DC, and was arrested on the Capitol steps after a peacefully protesting our corrupt political system.

Unbreaking America: A Short Film about Solving the Corruption Crisis

Our government is broken, and we have to fix it. RepresentUs board member Jennifer Lawrence and Director of RepresentUs Josh Silver, walks through three lines that show what's wrong with legal corruption in our government, how we fix it and what you can do about it.

The Strategy to End Corruption

In 2018, RepresentUs members helped to pass 23 anti-corruption reforms across the nation - that's more than at any other time in history.
By 2022, we'll pass dozens more, in pursuit of a tipping point where "a rush of state activity leads to a change in federal law".

RepresentUs: We are Unstoppable

On November 6th, 2018, Americans passed a staggering amount of Anti-Corruption legislation without ever letting politicians get their hands on it. Learn more and see the victories at

Two Guys Who Hate Each Other Go Vote

Our friends, “Two Guys Who Hate Each Other,” are big supporters of the anti-corruption movement — and they’re masters of viral video, so they made this video to remind everyone to GET OUT AND VOTE.

Unrig the System Summit 2018: New Orleans

We’re bringing together the right and left to build a new political future for America.

Ed Helms & Jack Black Wrote a Song to Fix Politics

It'll be stuck in your head all day. Watch to the end for OUTTAKES.

RepresentUs Director Explains How the System is Rigged

RepresentUs co-founder Josh Silver on his plan to reach across the aisle and focus on unrigging our broken political system.

Ranked Choice Voting vs the Corrupt Establishment

What if you never had to vote for the lesser of two evils again? Ranked Choice Voting is a small tweak that would be a huge step towards fixing our broken elections.

Unscripted: This is What Corruption Really Costs Us

We asked Martin Sheen "What's wrong with money in politics" and got out the cameras. His unscripted response shocked us.

OF BY FOR Awards: Thank You RepresentUs

Hollywood's stars gathered to honor Adam McKay for his contributions to the anti-corruption movement.

America's First Statewide Anti-Corruption Act

RepresentUs members helped South Dakota become the first state in America to pass an Anti-Corruption Act. Stop the bribery. End secret Money. Fix our elections. Learn more at

Lalalala — World's First Helmet-based Solution to the 2016 Election

Lalalala engulfs the head in soundproof Kevlar, preventing all visual and aural aggravations caused by electoral dysfunction. Visit

How to Fix America's Corrupt Political System

The vast majority of Americans are fed up with money corrupting politics — but how do we fix it? We've got some ideas.

First Anti-Corruption Act in U.S. History Passes

On Nov. 4th, 2014, voters in Tallahassee, Florida, made history by approving the first city Anti-Corruption Act in the United States by an overwhelming 2 – 1 margin.

Honest Political Ads - Gil Fulbright for Senate 2014

Fulbright may be the only candidate who will tell you the truth.

RepresentUs: A Movement for the People

A 3-minute short film from RepresentUs— Join the movement.

Fake Lobbyist Shames Congressman

We decided to make a "generous donation" of our own.

Something Insane Just Happened In the House

Don't fight each other, fight corruption.

Land of the Free

As long as special interests have the power to take money right out of our pockets by lining theirs — as long as they control the laws under which we live — we will never truly be free from tyranny.

Senator Caught in Strip Club with His Pants Down

Congress spends most of their time fundraising. It's no wonder they look kind of like this...

Anti-Corruption Crusaders, Unite!

The Tea Party and Bold Progressives fighting corruption side-by-side! What 500 people did on April 13th might surprise you.

Introducing: The American Anti-Corruption Act

From the Occupy movement to top GOP strategists, forces from both sides of the aisle are uniting to combat the corrupting influence of money in politics. The result? The American Anti-Corruption Act. For details about the Act, visit: