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Election Day 2023 Results

By Harry Pauff Nov 8 2023
Huge wins for democracy in Maine, Minnesota, and Michigan, and massive momentum going into 2024.

A PSA from “Honest” Gil Fulbright

By Honest Gil Fulbright Sep 15 2023
Do you want a future where we fix America’s broken system or a future where I continue to enjoy buckets of fried chicken on private jets owned by tech mavens?

United We Thrive

By Saralynn Finn Aug 28 2023
Loneliness and isolation represent profound threats to our health and well-being as well as democracy itself. At this year's American Democracy Summit, we'll come together from across the political spectrum to tackle the issues that stymie our democracy and create opportunities to put isolation, as well as political corruption, to rest.

Leaked: RepresentUs Debate Strategy

By Nate Plautz Aug 22 2023
Instead of attacking other candidates - or strategically avoiding attacking other candidates - why not talk about America’s corruption problem?