Georgia: Protect Ranked Choice Voting

Campaign Status: Victory!


Congrats to our partners Eternal Vigilance and Better Ballot Georgia for leading the effort to prevent a ban on Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in the state, and to the many RepresentUs volunteers in Georgia who mobilized an effort to contact their legislators to voice their support for RCV. The bill was passed in the Georgia Senate, but thanks to partner coordination and grassroots opposition, the bill did not pass the Georgia House.

The Policy

Defeat SB 355, a bill that would ban the use of Ranked Choice Voting in the state of Georgia.


Ranked Choice Voting has been shown to help fix political gridlock, ensure elected representatives earn the support of a majority of voters in their districts, and turn campaigns into more positive affairs in many cities and states across the country, but despite the success of this reform, politicians in Georgia have been working to ban it before it’s even been tried in the state.

Who’s Involved?

RepresentUs is working with Eternal Vigilance and Better Ballot Georgia to engage as many RCV supporters as possible to protect Ranked Choice Voting in Georgia.


You can make an impact on campaigns like this no matter where you live.