Policies to Fix America

We support and defend policies that:

End the influence of money in politics

Demand accountability & transparency in governing

Challenge the two-party duopoly

Put country over party

Make elections accessible & secure for all

Expand freedom & move us toward a truly representative democracy

Simple Solutions. Big Impact.

Three policies to unlock better government

I. Crack Down on Corruption

Strong campaign finance, ethics and lobbying laws can loosen the grip that corruption has on our nation and move us toward a government that truly works for all people.
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II. Make Elections More Representative

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) and Top 4/5 Primaries give voters better choices, eliminate the “spoiler effect” and require winning candidates to represent a broad majority of voters.
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III. End Partisan Gerrymandering

Passing Independent Redistricting Commissions helps ensure that voters choose the politicians that represent them, not the other way around.
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Our Strategy:
City By City, State By State

We know we can’t count on Congress to fix our broken political system. That’s why we’re passing laws city by city, state by state.

We won’t fix our country overnight, but with the help of our volunteers and donors we’ve already won 177 anti-corruption victories all across America since 2012.

Will you join the movement?

More Power to the People

We also champion these pro-voter policies:

  • Defending Our Elections and Those Who Run Them

    In order to prevent public distrust and to facilitate peaceful transfers of power, we need a clearly-defined and consistent process to confirm election results and resolve election disputes.
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  • Expanding Voter Registration

    Making voter registration more accessible and convenient is one of the single best ways to expand voter turnout. We endorse automatic and same-day voter registration and other reforms that improve access to the ballot.
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  • Protecting the Ballot Initiative Process

    Politicians are trying to take power away from the voters by making it harder to pass ballot initiatives. We oppose any attempt to restrict the ballot initiative process and support efforts to make the process more accessible and fair.
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  • Vote By Mail

    RepresentUs supports a comprehensive Vote by Mail system where every registered voter is automatically mailed a ballot and in-person polling places remain open, as well as intermediate steps to increase access to absentee voting.
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Want to get involved?

To fix our dysfunctional government and hold corrupt politicians accountable, we need to work together. Can we count on you to support the movement?