Defending Our Elections
and Those Who Run Them

How we build faith in our elections and protect nonpartisan officials

What is Democracy Defense?

While there are many ways our elections could be improved, there is no evidence of widespread fraud or other security risks. But that hasn’t stopped self-serving politicians from spreading lies and misinformation about our elections for their own gain.

The cynical politicians who continue to lie about fraud present a real threat to free and fair elections. Riled up by misinformation, their supporters on the fringes are harassing and even threatening nonpartisan election workers. Not wanting to put their safety and even their lives at risk, many election officials have left their posts.  

America’s election security depends on nonpartisan election administration. This is why RepresentUs and our volunteers and allies are working to pass laws that protect election workers, build public confidence in our election process, facilitate peaceful transfers of power, and prevent political actors from changing rules and undermining our systems for their own gain.

We support policies that:

Protect election workers from harassment and threats

Prevent politicians from overturning valid election results

Trigger automatic recounts (when election results fall within an established threshold)

Require post-election audits to ensure accuracy of results

Ensure elections are overseen by nonpartisan officials to prevent interference

Require election officials to recuse themselves if they are associated with a political campaign

We’re working city by city, state by state to protect our elections.
Will you join the movement?


  • What are some ways we can assess the integrity of our elections?

    There are several critical principles to ensuring election integrity. Here is a sampling of the key considerations:

    • Voting systems are secure and verifiable.
    • Adequate safeguards are in place to prevent voter fraud and manipulation.
    • All eligible voters have equal opportunity to participate in our elections.
    • Campaign finance laws are followed and enforced.
    • There’s adequate transparency around the funding of political campaigns.
    • There are clearly-defined processes for conducting audits and recounts.
    • Political parties, government officials, and media outlets are providing accurate and impartial information to voters.
    • Election results are reported accurately, transparently and in a timely manner.
    • Eliminating intimidation or harassment against voters or election officials at polling places.
  • How do automatic recounts work?

    An automatic recount helps ensure the accuracy of the initial vote count. Voting machines automatically re-tabulate the votes without the need for human intervention. The process and requirements for an automatic recount can vary depending on state and local laws, but in general, it’s triggered when the margin of victory is within a certain percentage threshold.

  • Why is a peaceful transition of power important?

    The hallmark of any functioning democracy is a peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next. It sends a simple yet powerful message that the government respects the will of the people. When power is transferred peacefully, it demonstrates that the country is governed by the rule of law.

  • What are some types of election interference?

    Election interference can take many forms. Some of the most notable examples include:

    • Cyberattacks on voting systems or campaign websites
    • Foreign interference, whether it’s hacking, disinformation or directly funding campaigns
    • Voter suppression through purging voter rolls, closing polling places, or intimidating voters at the polls
    • Disinformation campaigns on social media or other outlets to sow distrust and confusion
    • Threats or harassment directed at nonpartisan election workers
  • Who actually counts the votes in an election?

    Your friends, neighbors and community members do! Learn more about how votes are counted and verified in U.S. elections.

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