Arizona: Protect Ranked Choice Voting

Campaign Status: Victory!


RepresentUs with in-state partners in AZ helped defeat an RCV ban passed by the legislature, resulting in the law’s successful veto by Gov. Katie Hobbs on June 5.

The Policy

Defeat HCR 2033. Arizona lawmakers have passed a bill that would put a question on the ballot asking voters to clarify and uphold the existing direct primary election system as is, while banning any attempts to reform primaries or the nomination process.


There is a strong desire for election reform among voters in the state of Arizona. However, self-interested politicians have ignored the voices of the people and have introduced a proposal to effectively ban the use of Ranked Choice Voting in the state. Even though Governor Katie Hobbs recently veto’ed a bill (HB 2552) passed by the legislature to ban RCV outright, lawmakers are using the legislative referral route to go around the Governor and pose the question directly to voters.

Who’s Involved?

RepresentUs is working with a coalition of partners including Voter Choice AZ and Save Democracy AZ to defeat the proposed ban on RCV.


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