Voting and Elections Reform Victory!

This voter-approved initiative will automatically register eligible citizens to vote when they receive or update their driver’s license or identification card, and automatically update their registration if they change their address, unless they choose to decline.

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Nevada is part of the biggest wave of anti-corruption reform in US history.

Nevada Question 5:
Automatic Voter Registration via DMV Initiative

IVote (Nevada Election Administration Committee)/Question 5

IVote says that Nevadans need an election system that works for all residents—and that’s what Question 5 is about. Automatic Voter Registration is a commonsense solution to make Nevada’s voting system more secure, block ineligible people from voting, and make voter registration more convenient for Nevada’s working parents, military families, and rural residents.

Scale: State-wide
Type: Ballot Measure
Category: Voting & Elections
Policy Summary: Automatic Voter Registration
Status: On the ballot for November 2018 after being referred by the Legislature but vetoed by the Governor.

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