Campaign Finance Reform Victory!

This measure bans corporate contributions to candidates for city office, lowers overall contribution limits for city races, and creates a public financing program for city candidates who qualify, agree to lower contribution limits, and agree to not accept donations from political committees. It was passed by the voters on November 6th, 2018.

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Denver is part of the biggest wave of anti-corruption reform in US history.

Referred Question 2E:
Campaign Finance Public Fund

Democracy for the People Initiative

The Democracy for the People Initiative aims to increase transparency in the election process. They state: “Special interest groups often prefer outside spending because, as of 2010, the amount of money they can spend is unlimited. The people of Denver deserve to know who is spending money on their elections. This initiative will ensure outside money that is spent on Denver city elections is disclosed.”

Scale: Municipal
Type: Ballot Measure
Category: Money in Politics
Policy Summary: Public Campaign Financing
Status: On the Nov. 2018 ballot

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