Washington DC: Ranked Choice Voting for municipal elections, primary reform

Campaign Status: Active

The Policy

Pass Ranked Choice Voting and open partisan primaries to independent voters


In May of last year, the Make All Votes Count DC Coalition has been working to qualify an initiative for the ballot that would transform DC elections with ranked choice voting and enfranchise the 1 in 6 independent voters who currently cannot participate in taxpayer-funded party primaries. They’ve overcome a major legal challenge from the D.C. Democratic Party, and are now gathering signatures to put the question before voters in November.

Who’s Involved?

Make All Votes Count DC is led by Lisa D. T. Rice, a native Washingtonian and election reform champion who serves the local community as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Ward 7. The campaign is endorsed and supported by the League of Women Voters of DC, Rank the Vote, Veterans for All Voters, DC for Democracy, and many others. The full list of endorsements can be found on their website.


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