Oregon: Statewide RCV

Campaign Status: Victory!


On June 25, 2023, Oregon’s state legislature passed HB 2004! This is the first time in American history where a legislature in the US has referred a statewide Ranked Choice Voting bill to the ballot, giving Oregonians the chance to vote on this meaningful democracy reform in November 2024. This bipartisan Ranked Choice Voting bill was propelled by a broad coalition in which RepresentUs partnered with OregonRCV and more than 35 diverse organizations.

The Policy

HB 2004 would implement Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in Oregon for federal and statewide offices. The bill would also establish a “local option” for municipalities to opt-in to using RCV for their local elections and provide them additional resources to help with adoption and voter education.

If passed via legislative referral in 2023, voters would decide in 2024 via ballot measure if RCV becomes law.


RCV first made its way to Oregon in 2016 when Benton County adopted it for use in the 2020 municipal election. Its adoption there has led to third-party candidates running for office without fear of being a ‘spoiler candidate’.

Since then, the RCV movement has notched major wins in Oregon including the cities of Corvallis and Portland, and Multnomah County. With these victories, there is now real momentum to pass a statewide RCV bill.

Who’s Involved?

RepresentUs is working with the coalition Oregon RCV that includes partners like the Coalition for Communities of Color, the League of Women Voters of Oregon, Oregon ACLU, Oregon AFSCME Council 75 and others to make Oregon the next place to implement RCV statewide.


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