RCV for Evanston

Campaign Status: Victory


On election night 2022, Evanston voters overwhelmingly said “YES” to Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). A whopping 82% of voters agreed that RCV is the change they wanted to see! With RCV, residents of Evanston will have better choices, better representation and better accountability in their government.

The Policy

Ranked Choice Voting: Replace Evanston’s current winner-take-all elections with proportional and representative elections (Ranked Choice Voting) for city elections.


Under Evanston’s current system, voters often feel like they have to choose between “the lesser of two evils” when their favorite candidate seems unlikely to win. RCV for Evanston started the campaign for ranked choice voting so voters can always vote for their first choice without worrying about their vote being “wasted.” Adoption of RCV in Evanston would lead to the election of officials who have broad support and the ability to forge consensus.

Who’s Involved?

RCV For Evanston is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization that advocates for ranked choice voting (RCV) in Evanston, Illinois, with help from groups like FV Illinois, Reform for Illinois, RTV US, FV National, and RepresentUs.

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Campaign Milestones

  • Nov 2022

    Evanston, Illinois passes Ranked Choice Voting, ending its previous winner-take-all election system.

  • Jul 2022

    The Evanston City Council votes to place a binding referendum on the November ballot that will ask voters whether to adopt ranked choice voting.

  • Jun 2022

    Evanston’s Rules Committee unanimously approves plan for ranked choice voting.

  • May 2022

    During his State of the City address, Evanston Mayor Daniel Biss lends endorsement to RCV for Evanston’s plan to implement ranked choice voting in the city.