Nevada: Final-Five Voting

Campaign Status: Active

The Policy

Final-five voting (open primaries + ranked choice voting in the general election) for congressional, gubernatorial, state executive official, and state legislative elections


In November 2024, Nevadans will vote for the second and final time on Question 3, a statewide ballot initiative to approve open top-five primaries and RCV for general elections. Question 3 passed in 2022 with 53% of the vote but must pass again in 2024 to take effect as a constitutional amendment.

Nevada’s fully closed primary system excludes a growing plurality of Nevada voters from participating in its elections. The only voters who can currently participate in Nevada’s primary elections are those registered as Republican or Democrat even though nearly 30% of Nevada voters are officially registered as “non-partisan.” This change will allow nonpartisan- and third-party-registered voters to participate and have their voices heard, and it will incentivize candidates to appeal to the widest range of voters, replacing the existing incentive structure for candidates to appeal to the most extreme minorities of their party’s base.

Who’s Involved?

RepresentUs is working with Vote Yes on 3 and a coalition of partners and community groups to ensure there is support to pass the measure.


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