This is not a drill. It’s the 11th hour for democracy.

We are a fiercely non-partisan movement with one mission: Protect democracy. President Trump is trying to stop votes from being counted by spreading false rumors about mail-in ballots. This is beyond partisanship.

We must act now. The more steps you take, the bigger difference you make:

Step 1

An unprecedented number of Americans will vote by mail, and it could take days or weeks to count all the votes. Tell your state’s top election official to make sure every in-person and mail-in vote is counted before a candidate is declared victorious.

Step 2

President Trump’s campaign has spoken to state legislators about trying to bypass the vote tally1. State lawmakers can prevent this doomsday scenario by going on the record right now committing to choosing a victor based on the vote count.

Step 3

The president is spreading misinformation about vote by mail in an attempt to cast doubt on the legitimacy of mail-in ballots. It’s up to us to make sure our friends and family know the facts. Download our Social Media Toolkit to fight misinformation to get started.

Step 4

Whether you plan to vote in person or absentee, make 100% certain that you’re registered and ready to vote. Covid-19 is putting unprecedented pressure on election offices across the country, so don’t wait – register to vote today.

Step 5

Smooth elections where everyone can vote are only possible because of poll workers who volunteer their time to ensure polling locations are adequately staffed. But as COVID-19 continues to spread, our country has a shortage of poll workers. You can make a huge impact by signing up to be a poll worker today with our partner Power The Polls.

Step 6

If you’re voting by mail:

  • Follow the instructions very carefully. Failing to do so can invalidate your ballot.
  • If your ballot comes with a “security” envelope, make sure you place your ballot back in that envelope before you put it in the mailer envelope.
  • Send your ballot back immediately after you get it. USPS is slow, and if your ballot arrives late, it won’t count.

If you’re voting in person:

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