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Republican primary hopefuls will face off again on Tuesday, December 15th at the RNC debate. There have been plenty of debates so far, but the candidates have yet to be asked a single direct question about the money pouring into our political system.

The public is taking to social media with their questions for the candidates, and with enough pressure, we could push the debate moderators to ask ours: As president, what specific steps would you take to fix our corrupt political system?

Will you add your name to demand that debate moderators #AskTheQuestion?

The Question


The following is completely legal and routinely practiced in the United States:

1. Lobbyists write laws, then give money to politicians voting on them

2. Politicians take money from the industries they regulate

3. Special interests pay for politicians’ vacations and lavish gifts

4. Politicians leave Congress to take lucrative jobs as lobbyists

5. Politicians give tax breaks and corporate welfare to their funders

As president, what specific steps would you take to fix our corrupt political system?

The Campaign

Every election, Americans tune in to see the candidates give talking-point answers to the same softball, party-approved questions.

No more. We’re demanding that the moderators of every primary and presidential debate ask every candidate — Republican, Democrat, or Independent — the question, and we’ll keep putting pressure on every moderator and their networks until the question has been answered.

If we succeed, corruption will be in the national spotlight during a major televised debate. Asking tough questions will force the candidates to tell us exactly where they stand and give us the power to hold them accountable to their answers — but only if enough of us demand it.

Add your name to demand that debate moderators #AskTheQuestion