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Think Congress is bought right now? It’s hard to believe, but things could get a whole lot worse…soon. In a new case called McCutcheon v. FEC, the amount an individual can use bribing politicians and parties per 2-year election cycle could go up from $117,000 to limitless! It’s Citizens United, Round 2.

Tell the Supreme Court to represent us and preserve free speech and equality for all Americans. We’re asking them to uphold the last remaining election-spending laws before moneyed special interests buy our country right out from under us. Add your name to our demand, then add your own comment. On October 8th, opening day of oral arguments for McCutcheon v. FEC, hundreds of RepresentUs activists will don $100 bill costumes and hand-deliver your comment, along with every other message on this web page, directly to the Supreme Court.

In America, our government is supposed to represent the people. All the people. Not just those Americans who buy politicians. We The People are being drowned out by the cha-ching of big money, and it’ll continue happening as long as we allow it to.

Citizens United put democracy on its back, and Round 2 (McCutcheon) is trying to kick us while we’re down. This is not a fight that we can afford to lose. Literally. Add your name now, and add your own message to tell the Supreme Court to preserve the foundation of American democracy and let every American have an equal voice.

Source: http://www.fec.gov/law/litigation/McCutcheon.shtml

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