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Thanks Travis!

Travis delivered 5,000 signatures and a beautiful message to FEC Commissioner Ann Ravel. Watch the video above.

// The Problem

The Federal Election Commission, or FEC, is the agency in charge of enforcing federal rules on money in politics. Ann Ravel, the next Chairwoman of the FEC,  has said she wants to crack down on corruption — and she should have the power to do it — but the commission is completely gridlocked. They’ve failed to investigate everything from major alleged violations by conservative “dark money” groups to a Democratic super PAC suspected of illegal activity.

Three commissioners are responsible for blocking these critical investigations. Just three people are single-handedly making our elections more vulnerable to fraud and corruption, and they have yet to face any public backlash for it. But that’s about to change.

Commissioner Ravel is taking comments directly from the public at events across the country, and our volunteers have secured in-person meetings with her. We have a major opportunity to hand her a powerful public mandate to clean up our broken political system — But we need your help.

// How You Can Help

It’s incredibly rare for a such a high-ranking federal official to make herself available to the public. We need to take advantage of this huge opportunity to put direct pressure on the FEC to fix our broken political system. Help us hold the FEC accountable by adding a brief statement or your name in support, and our volunteers will deliver them directly to Commissioner Ravel — on the record and in person.

Want to speak up but don’t know where to begin?
Click here for a simple guide to get you started.

Live near Denver, Chicago, or Atlanta?
The most important thing you can do is show up in person — your presence will make a powerful statement even if you choose not to speak.

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// Details, Directions, and RSVP:

Denver – October 9

Chicago – October 14

Atlanta – October 23

“The Future of Elections and Democracy” is a series of public events hosted by Universities in Denver, Atlanta and Chicago. Each event will feature a short opening statement from Vice Chair Ravel and brief remarks from a panel of local experts, followed by a public comment period.