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Gil Fulbright is an Honest Politician who ran against Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes, in Kentucky, during the 2014 midterm elections. It was the most expensive Senate race in American History. (over $100 million!!) Oh… Gil’s also fake.

Just one month after the launch of the Gil Fulbright campaign, the entire nation was talking about Honest Gil and our broken political system. From CNN to the Today Show to Upworthy, Honest Gil was everywhere. Learn more at HonestGil.com

Update (11/2/2014): Honest Gil: If Politicians Wore Their Sponsors Like NASCAR Drivers

Update (9/25/2014): Honest Gil Takes the Campaign to Brushy Fork

Update (9/5/2014): Honest Gil explains his strategy for New Hampshire

Update (9/3/2014): Honest Gil hits the spa in his newest ad

Update (8/21/2014): Honest Gil heads to New Hampshire to stop Jim Rubens

Update (8/6/2014): Honest Gil’s campaign Kickoff speech in Fancy Farm, Kentucky

Update (7/31/2014): Fulbright crowdfunding campaign crushes $20,000 goal and raises $114,000!

The Honest Political Ads Campaign explainer

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Meet Gil

Gil’s opinions on the issues, photos, and his official campaign ads are all on his website. Check it out and see what an Honest Politician really sounds like.