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Independence Day is supposed to be about America’s freedom from tyranny. Seriously? Not when Big Money runs our government and reigns supreme over “we the people.”

This event has passed and the poster below is no longer available.

Land of the Free* *Additional fees may apply Click on the image to enlarge and see the gorgeous detail in this poster.

Will you join us on July 4th for a fun and creative action?

We need to take a stand and speak out against today’s tyrants: The moneyed interests who bend the levers of power to pad their bottom lines at our expense.  Nate Duval, an all-star graphic artist who usually draws for Dave Matthews, The Black Keys and Phish donated this gorgeous poster to our movement to help us make a statement against the corruption. On Independence Day, we need your help putting it up all over the country.

We know we need to millions of people to join our movement to end corruption. And they will. But first they need to “get it.” That’s why this poster is so important: it does more than simply get attention. It makes people stop and think. 

Sign up for the action right now. It’s FREE and we’ll send you:

  • Giant 30×42″ posters to put up in your hometown: Learn more below
  • Letter-size versions to put up on bulletin boards everywhere you go
  • An action kit with complete instructions

Note: This event has now passed. The poster is no longer available.

Sparks of creativity can transform movements. This is our spark. And this poster is an icon in the making. It cuts right through to the truth about the state of America in 2013: on Independence Day, more than 200 years later, we are not really free.

Please help get the word out.

More Information About This Action:

What is Wheatpasting?

Wheatpasting is an awesome form of protest-poster application. You can do it anywhere. It’s simple, cheap, and non-permanent. A few heavy rains will wash it away… but in the mean time, your message will be bold and strong. Here are a couple of examples of how great wheatpasting can look: http://bit.ly/18SAgfLhttp://bit.ly/15dnktq

How to make Wheatpaste


Isn’t this illegal?

Maybe, maybe not. The best way to stay out of trouble is to avoid wheatpasting in places that are going to anger residents and/or authorities. Great targets that will most likely keep you out of trouble are: Boarded up windows, construction barriers, other wheatpasted billboards, any temporary large objects or your own property. Be as daring as you like, but please don’t deface public property, and don’t get in trouble. If you’re asked to stop, please do!

Make sure your efforts are covered by local press!

Click here for a sample press release. Please get in touch with your local news and radio outlets to let them know your community wants an end to the corruption.


  • Do it with friends
  • Make a fun day out of it
  • Get creative with locations and stay out of trouble
  • Get your local press involved to amplify your message
  • When people ask what this is all about, be sure to tell them you’re fighting corruption with the RepresentUs campaign
  • Contact info@represent.us with any questions
  • Take lots of photos and email them to us!