RepresentUs launched to give the public an approachable, shareable website to explain the new McCutcheon v. FEC Supreme Court Case. The case threatens to lift the aggregate cap on campaign contributions, ushering in a new era of Unlimited Corruption.

Here’s what folks on Twitter have been saying about the campaign:

I love this campaign by — Professor Lawrence Lessig

Please sign petition against McCutcheon  via @representus Oppose unlimited bribery #electroralreform #corruption — Tim Berners-Lee

With #McCutcheon, you can reach out and bribe any government official to get the policies you want. — Fair Elections New York

What happens with #McCutcheon? unlimited bribery. unlimited corruption. —

Bribery, right at your fingertips. Learn about the case that could be the next #CitizensUnited — CREW

Best. App. EVER. — James Winston @truckbike

Priceless. So far, I love everything @representus puts together. — Luke Stokes Founder,

If you had the power to control every decision made by the U.S. Government, would you do it? Well guess what, now you can!**

Introducing: McCutcheon — Unlimited bribery. Unlimited corruption.

Want to see how it works? Visit to find out.

** Offer applies only to those who can afford to spend more than $123,000 on campaign contributions to candidates. Click here to find out why.