Operation: MoneyDrop

Operation: MoneyDrop

Springfield, IL — 11/6/13

A group of anti-corruption activists showered the Illinois State House of Representatives with thousands of fake dollar bills while calling for an end to the corruption plaguing government in Springfield and beyond. The activists held a banner that read “with liberty and justice for sale” from the House viewing gallery and called for comprehensive anti-corruption reforms in a state rocked by corruption scandals in recent years.

Our goal was to raise awareness about corruption. Looks like CBS News thought it was a success — watch their video! Additional coverage from The Chicago Sun Times, BND.com, and an AP story that ran in a dozen more outlets.

The group is led by veteran advocate Josh Silver, director of Represent.Us — a burgeoning national movement to advance sweeping money in politics reforms.

“While Illinois has made some progress in advancing rudimentary campaign finance reforms, there’s still a long way to go. Explosive scandals like the Blagojevich saga might grab headlines, but the real scandal is the loopholes that make corruption a fact of life in Illinois politics. Money talks in Illinois, so we decided to speak to House members in the only language they seem to understand.” – Josh Silver

The State Integrity Investigation, a collaborative project of the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity and Public Radio International, gives Illinois a “C” on its latest corruption risk report card. While the report found some encouraging signs of progress, it also cites a laundry list of failings including loopholes in recent campaign reforms, weak financial disclosure laws, and a notable lack of meaningful action to combat conflicts of interest.

Lansing, MI — 10/23/13

The State Integrity Investigation, a collaborative project of the Center for Public Integrity, Global Integrity and Public Radio International, gives Michigan an “F” on its latest corruption risk report card. The report cites a laundry list of failings, including weak campaign finance and lobbying laws as well as the fact that Michigan is one of just three states that lack asset disclosure requirements for top elected officials.

Albany, NY — 6/5/13

100s of volunteers from Albany and Western Massachusetts descended upon the NY State Capitol to make a bold statement in support of the New York Fair Elections Coalition. They’ve been fighting tirelessly to push the Fair Elections Act through the New York Legislature. If they succeed, it would set a national anti-corruption precedent and bolster our movement, so a group of Represent.Us volunteers and staff joined the action in Albany.

The event was covered by the New York Timestelevision and the local paper.


Who’s Next… ?

  • BobUSMC13

    I would liked to have been there to see all the politicians lined up at the trough.

  • kentw

    It was reported in the Chicago Tribune several days ago that a group met in front of Speaker Madigan’s office, but the Speaker wasn’t speaking. The doors were closed and guarded by Capital police. Their issue: How is it that two-thirds of Illinois corporations pay no taxes?

    If you want to examine sweetheart deals, then look into this one

  • Lord Aoshi

    very motivational, lets get this rolling!

  • Anthony_Eller

    This is great! I have a blog http://projectTuitionReimbursement.com the same message but about student loans debt and corruption and greed please visit ok

  • NWFLPat

    It is not difficult to find people who believe bribery is counterproductive to democracy; it is more difficult to find people who are willing to consider the possibility that paid political advertisements should be made illegal.

    In order to eliminate the corruption of political contributions, the need for massive advertising costs must be eliminated. The “sound bite” ads do little to educate the public to the position of any candidate. A candidate’s position is newsworthy and should be treated as true news. All news should be true. News organizations should be held accountable for the truth and equal time considerations of their reporting.

    Political contributions should fund actual travel and appearance expenses for candidate during their campaign. It is time to eliminate the massive ad buys our political system generates.

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