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We’re sending an open letter (below) to all 10 members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee who voted ‘yes’ on the use of military force in Syria. Then we’re submitting the letter for publication in major newspapers in each Senator’s home state.

Dear Senator:

It has come to our attention that Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee voting ‘yes’ on the use of military force in Syria received, on average, 83% more campaign money from defense contractors than Senators voting ‘no.’

The possibility that matters of national security — of war and peace — could be influenced by campaign contributions is the ultimate insult to the American People.

You might contend that it’s just coincidence, or that a ‘yes’ vote is not influenced by the contributions, but the American people deserve a Government we can trust to unequivocally represent us even in the face of profiteers and their cronies.

We, the people, must be able to trust that powerful special interests do not shape decisions as vital as military action in Syria. The flood of money from defense contractors into the Senate Foreign Relations Committee severely undermines this trust. The first step in restoring faith in the American government is for you to make a public statement denouncing the corrupting influence of money on matters of national security. 


[Your Name Here]

Syria Vote Members who voted ‘yes’ got 83% more money from defense contractors.

SOURCE: MapLight.org — For a complete list of Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee, their votes and contributions they received from the defense industry, click here.

Note: RepresentUs has no official position on military action in Syria. Our goal is to call out corruption and hold our elected officials accountable.