Stripping Senator Welcomes Congress Back to Washington

Stripping Senator Welcomes Congress Back to Washington

September 16th — 20th, 2013 Fox News, CNN and MSNBC air video of a Senator dancing at a strip club for campaign cash! It’s a bold statement about how disgusting American politics have become — and it was paid for by hundreds of members of the Represent.Us community

We created this video because 87% of Americans think political corruption is a serious problem, but most don’t believe there’s a solution. That’s why we need to be bold and cut through the noise. Because we can beat corruption if we can get millions of people to join our movement and demand reform.

This video can do that… so we ran it on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN during the week members of Congress return from recess and head back to DC.

Randy Hackett, the advertising guru who donated this ad to Represent.Us is one of the more than 360,000 people in the Represent.Us community who are stepping up in a big way. Sure, we might offend a few politicians, but it’s time to show the money-in-politics problem for what it is. It’s corruption. It’s disgusting, and it’s slowly killing the American dream. It’s time to fight back.


Below is a partial listing of dates, times and channels from the crowdfunded ad buy.


9/16/2013 WASHINGTON FXNC- 6:20:00 PM

9/16/2013 WASHINGTON CNN-E 9:15:00 PM

9/16/2013 WASHINGTON FXNC- 11:48:00 PM

9/17/2013 WASHINGTON FXNC- 8:48:00 PM

9/17/2013 WASHINGTON CNN-E 9:50:00 PM

9/17/2013 WASHINGTON CNN-E 11:15:00 PM

9/18/2013 WASHINGTON FXNC- 5:48:00 PM

9/18/2013 WASHINGTON CNN-E 8:31:00 PM

9/18/2013 WASHINGTON CNN-E 10:31:00 PM

9/19/2013 WASHINGTON FXNC- 6:48:00 PM

9/19/2013 WASHINGTON CNN-E 9:31:00 PM

9/19/2013 WASHINGTON FXNC- 9:48:00 PM

9/20/2013 WASHINGTON CNN-E 8:15:00 PM

9/20/2013 WASHINGTON FXNC- 9:20:00 PM

9/20/2013 WASHINGTON FXNC- 10:48:00 PM

9/20/2013 WASHINGTON CNN-E 11:15:00 PM

9/21/2013 WASHINGTON CNN-E 9:31:00 PM

9/21/2013 WASHINGTON FXNC- 10:20:00 PM

9/21/2013 WASHINGTON CNN-E 10:50:00 PM

9/22/2013 WASHINGTON FXNC- 4:48:00 PM

9/22/2013 WASHINGTON FXNC- 9:20:00 PM

9/22/2013 WASHINGTON CNN-E 11:50:00 PM



FXNC Sep 17, 2013 22:48 Tue

FXNC Sep 21, 2013 00:20 Sat

HLN Sep 18, 2013 01:31 Wed

MNBC Sep 18, 2013 23:29 Wed

MNBC Sep 19, 2013 20:29 Thu

MNBC Sep 22, 2013 01:29 Sun

HLN Sep 19, 2013 01:31 Thu

HLN Sep 21, 2013 01:31 Sat

MNBC Sep 17, 2013 00:29 Tue



  • Shani Didom

    I am soo for this cause… I LOVE Repesent.Us and agree with everything for which they stand. Having said that, I must say that I don’t think this ad is as effective as it could be. I’m afraid that our important message will be buried in the controversy that is bound to arise over the crudeness(even though it is understood that corruption is crude.) I think we could have packed a much more powerful punch and shown some dignity.

  • Jonathan

    lol this is awesome

  • yen2ken

    We live in a Democratic Republic. Democractic deliberation is drowned out when donor money is the pivotal driver for so-called ‘democratic” decisions. The result is NOT democracy, its PLUTOCRACY. (Look it up.) The Supreme Court wrongly decided that campaign spending can not be capped. When a citizen brings a bull horn or a fog horn to a town hall meeting, we eject him because his equipment stifles democratic discussion. The same is true when campaigns are allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money. Successful cereal companies advertise. The ones with the most and best advertising sell more cereal. Advertising works, and costs money. The same is true for campaign advertising. But unlimited advertising blots out rational discussion just like a bull horn or a fog horn at a town hall meeting. The US needs to CAP campaign spending at all levels. No campaign should be permitted to drown out another simply by reason of large difference in campaign funding. This is the “naked Emperor” in American politics, and we are following “him” to our ruin.

  • Nader

    The use of Money to bribe politicians has produced a sick nation that all nations of the world are making fun of.The problem is that a lot of American people are not even aware of the problem and they still believe that America is a Democracy.America is no more a democratic country, because of the use of money in politics America is owned by a small group of oligarchs who own the banks, the mega corporations and who are driving this nation to self-destruction.
    The use of money to buy politicians to finance presidential campaigns and the presence of super PACS (AIPAC…) is the mother of all problems :
    - America is driven to unjust Wars paid by the people and fought by the people not for the interest of the people but to secure cheap oil supply for MEGA CORPORATIONS and then sell it as expensive as they can in their gas stations…Big oil companies are using our taxes to secure MEGA PROFITS for their CEOs and share-holders.
    -America is fighting Israel’s Wars in the middle east…American politicians cannot justify the billions of dollars spent to support Israel and to fight those wars to secure the supremacy of Israel in the region…America has nothing to gain declaring war on Islam and moslems around the globe, it’s non-sense and it’s against the long term interests of our nation.The unconditional support to Israel makes this out-law country believe that they are protected by big brother and thus always refuse a peaceful and fair solution to the conflict in the ME.
    -The military-industrial complex is bribing our politicians so to keep our country in a continuous state of War,always looking for enemies and even creating new ones so they can produce and sell more weapons and thus making more profits for their CEOs and share-holders.More Wars, more Deaths,more destruction means more dollars in their pockets.
    -Because our politicians does not represent us anymore some morticians have made Health-care a very lucrative business.Insurance companies,Hospital owners and doctors are bribing our politicians so they can keep us more vulnerable to their well designed and corrupt money making machine.The weaker we are, the sicker we get means more profits for them.
    -Our System must be reformed so as to guarantee a free and excellent education and good skills to every American citizen no matter his race, religion or social background.Our corrupt politicians are working hard to keep us ignorant, uneducated and weak so they can control us easier.This evil policy is destroying the capacity of our country to innovate and be able to compete in a very fierce and competitive World.
    - Our Infrastructure is collapsing, making America look like a third-world country,and our political elite is doing nothing about it…Why ?
    Why American consumers are paying the highest prices for the slowest Internet connections ? Wekll it’s because cable companies are bribing our politicians and the result is :
    Americans are getting a raw deal when it comes to Internet speeds. As
    most of Europe and Asia invest in high-speed, high-capacity networks,
    the U.S. remains mired in a substandard infrastructure that makes
    connectivity not only slower, but pricier for subscribers.


    • YouBetcha

      well said..exactly…

  • Ian

    It doesn’t get any more concise than that, really. Excellent video, guys!

  • Pop Schlepp

    But what exactly will the millions of people who know about this and “gripe” cause? What will it matter? They ALREADY KNOW we know what’s going on and that we don’t like it. So? They’re not shaking in their boots. Short of armed masses marching on Washington Wall St and the FED and taking out the oligarchy and the corporate leaders, what will work? THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT TALK AND COMPLAINTS NO MATTER HOW MANY PEOPLE TELL THEM ! And if you vote them out, who will take their place – MORE of the same type of greedy people. Once in office THE MACHINE takes over and you either play the game or die in a one car accident on a dark lonely road or possibly commit suicide by stabbing your self in the back 17 times, or develop an immediate terminal disease like cancer or choke on a chicken bone that was shoved down your throat. Soon they’ll just pull all the stops and start using drones to cull the herd. KNOWING about this problem is nothing. WE must do something about it – PHYSICALLY. Talk is cheap.

    • dmiacal

      Yes physically by holding a sign in washington

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