We’re calling out North Carolina State Senator Tom Apodaca for being corrupt, and we need your help.

A proposed law sponsored by Sen. Apodaca would ban the innovative car company, Tesla, from selling cars in the Tar Heel State. What was their crime? Not owning any dealerships:

A legislative proposal, backed by the N.C. Automobile Dealers Association, would make it illegal for Tesla, or any other car maker, to bypass dealerships and sell directly in the state. 

While none of us over here can afford a Telsa Model S, we’re pretty sure this isn’t how free market competition is supposed to work. Apodaca took $8,000 from the North Carolina Auto Dealerships Association–the same Patriots of Business Freedom that proposed the law.

Tell Senator Apodaca that he’s part of the problem of corruption in this country by signing onto our letter:

Dear Sen. Apodaca,

We noticed that you’ve sponsored a proposal to ban the sale of Tesla cars in your state. Now, that’d be fine if there was some evidence that these cars were some sort speeding death traps posing a danger to your citizens. But instead, the only danger these cars propose is to North Carolina Auto Dealerships Association–the same group that donated $8000 to your campaign last year.

When you allow big, incumbent business to manipulate government to block new innovators from competing in the marketplace, we call that “anti-competitive.”

Long story short, we think you’re corrupt. You’re part of the insidious problem that is destroying any shred of dignity to governing in this country and making it nearly impossible to solve real problems.

Enclosed with this letter of signatures from citizens across the country who think you’re corrupt along with a toy electric race car. Sure, it’s not a Tesla Model S, but perhaps it’ll open your eyes.

Lastly, we’ve enclosed a copy of the American Anti-Corruption Act. It’s comprehensive overhaul to stop lobbyist bribery and clean up our elections system. It’s our comprehensive solution to the problem of political corruption on a federal level.

We hope you’ll reconsider your position, but in the meantime, enjoy your car and reading material.


The RepresentUs Team