Build Relationships,
Win Campaigns

Executive Roundtable is an intentional space for executives to connect with each other as movement leaders working on policy change at the state level.

Learning together = winning together

Together we will workshop the challenges and opportunities arising in the good government and democracy reform space, hear from industry experts, and create a community of learning and practice.

We will bring in industry experts and call on the group to share their own experience and best practices on topics like setting the stage for a statewide campaign, building a functional list, small dollar fundraising, and pivoting from legislative session into election season.

Registration for the executive roundtable is invitation only. If you are interested in learning more about the Campaign Catalyst Executive Roundtable or RepresentUs’ training program, please contact Sue Fothergill, Interim Organizing Director at [email protected].

About the Program

In the Campaign Catalyst Executive Roundtable, we will strengthen our collective work for a stronger democracy and better choices at the ballot box for all Americans.

Members of the roundtable convene quarterly and have access to the executive roundtable support network throughout the year.

Sample session topics:

  • Building the conditions for legislative success
  • Communicating about your legislation
  • Resourcing your campaign
  • Building public support for your legislation
  • Pivoting from the legislature to election season

Upon completion, participants will receive a report of outcomes and takeaways from the spring Roundtable series and will be added to an alumni community where they will receive ongoing updates from the field and resources for future campaigns.

Note: This program is intended for senior leadership of legislative and ballot initiative campaigns for good government and democracy reforms. If you work on a campaign at the deputy or campaign staff level, we will be hosting a companion training series to dig into many of the same topics. We hope you will register for that program here!