Changing Our Democracy, One Community at a Time

Political corruption, extremism, and a shift toward autocracy threaten our democracy and halt progress on the important issues Americans care about like climate change, infrastructure, healthcare, education, and more.

With your help, we can change that. When you join the CHANGE MAKERS, you join a community of spirited, savvy advocates who are committed to repairing and restoring our democracy for generations to come.

The Change Makers directly fuel RepresentUs’ core work to identify, build, and support high impact campaigns across the country, and empower everyday Americans to mobilize in support of democracy reform. Only by addressing the root causes of our political crisis can we create a healthy, functioning democracy capable of tackling the critical issues facing our nation.

Invest in real, concrete, and transformational change.

Members of the Change Makers giving society commit to a gift of $5,000 – $49,999/year for two years. This allows RepresentUs to plan ahead and remain nimble in this unpredictable political landscape by investing in long-term solutions to the most urgent threats to our democracy.

Change Maker Giving Levels

The Ally – $5,000 – $9,999/year for two years

The Advocate – $10,000 – $24,999/year for two years

The Champion – $25,000 – $49,999/year for two years

Ready to Join?

For more information, please read the Change Makers Brochure,
or contact Alex Metz at [email protected] or 845-527-5751.

Change is Possible.

Change Makers at every level power the smart, cutting edge, and effective campaigns that allow us to continue to cut through the noise and win real change in cities and states across America. Your partnership has helped achieve 161 reforms since our founding in 2012, and will help secure many more in the decades to come.

Join the Change Makers today

The Change Makers is about empowering Americans in communities across the country to believe that a better America is possible. Together, we can make it a reality.