BREAKING: Congress is considering a bill that could end the corruption behind the student loan crisis. Add your name to demand your members of Congress pass the For the People Act.

Our political system is rigged

to work for the rich and powerful

Student loan debt now dwarfs credit card and auto debt in America.

The average student leaves college $37,000 in debt. At 7% interest over 25 years, that’s $78,000 dollars. And they’re the lucky ones: In some cases loans cost more than 4x the amount borrowed.

It’s crippling our economy and hurting future generations.

Special laws just for student loans make it harder to get out of debt.

Student loan companies spent $4 million lobbying Congress in 2020 alone. That money buys access to lawmakers who then pass bills that favor those companies and screw over students.

You know who doesn’t get that kind of access? You.

To fix the student debt crisis,

we have to fix the corruption crisis

The For the People Act would make corruption illegal.

Right now, we have the chance to pass the most powerful anti-corruption law since Watergate. The For the People Act is just like RepresentUs’ American Anti-Corruption Act, and if passed, would restrict lobbying, slam the revolving door shut, end gerrymandering, modernize and secure our elections, restore and protect voting rights, and much more.

Congress will only pass the For The People Act if the American people demand it.

Let’s face it: Congress is dysfunctional. They spend more than half their time fundraising, while ignoring the needs of everyday people. Enough!

To pass the Act, we need to make so much noise that they can’t ignore us — and show that Americans everywhere demand that our government work For the People. If we do nothing, nothing will change.

How will you help?