Gil is corrupt and spineless and he needs to be stopped.

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Washington is broken, and your voice isn’t being represented, but Honest Gil has a comprehensive plan to keep it that way.

76% of Americans say their representatives do a very bad job of listening to them. We used to aim big in this country – what happened? I’ll work hard to make sure 100% of Americans feel unrepresented.

I’ll make elections more representative for people who pay me. Ranked Choice Voting would disenfranchise campaign mega-donors and carelessly empower everyday Americans who don’t understand the wants and needs of the fundraising class.

I’ll strengthen partisan gerrymandering. It’s better that politicians choose their voters, not the other way around, right?

Lobbyists spend $4 million per member of Congress. How are us poor Congress Members supposed to live on chump change? I pledge to continue to take gobs of cash from unscrupulous lobbyists.

Just 4% of U.S. adults say the political system is working extremely or very well. Honest Gil will do his gosh darndest to get that number down to 0%.

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Gil may be a joke… corruption isn’t.

Pro-voter laws have over 80% support from voters across the political spectrum, but the average American has a near-zero impact on public policy.

We’re using satirical videos like Honest Gil to reach millions of Americans to help us pass tough anti-corruption laws city by city, state by state.

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