Corruption Infoposters

The following infographic posters were published by RepresentUs Education Fund. Click on the images for full-sized versions.

Press should refer to the press page for inquiries about use and distribution.

For-Profit Colleges Fail Students
August 2016
Sources: National Center for Education Statistics, The College Board

Public Servants Get Rich Becoming Lobbyists
June 2016

Periodic Table of State Corruption
May 2016
Sources: National Institute on Money in State Politics, Center for Public Integrity

Corruption Targets Children’s Heart Surgery
February 2016
Sources: CNN, Wikipedia

Presidential Candidates’ Sources of Funding
February 2016
Sources: Center for Responsive Politics

American Politics Power Meter
December 2015
Sources: Center for Responsive Politics, Gilens & Page, Federal Election Commission

Big-Money-Politics Corruption Stat Rundown
December 2015

Money (still) Wins 91% of Congressional Races
October 2015
Sources: Federal Election Commission

Why Congress Ignores Americans
January 2015
Sources: The Wall Street JournalGilens & Page, ‘Who Rules America’

Money Wins Congress in 2012
May 2014
Sources: Federal Election Commission

Political Contributions and the Keystone XL Vote
August 2013

What We Could Have Bought
March 2013

Industry Subsidies
December 2012

Presidential Campaign Gifts: Obama & Romney
October 2012

The Amazing ROI of Corporate Lobbying
July 2012

Voters vs. Donors
June 2012

Who Bought the Big Cheese?
June 2012

Gimme Your Lunch Money
May 2012

Super PAC Believe It or Not
May 2012

For-Profit Colleges Take…
April 2012

Super PAC Donations
April 2012

Lobbyists: Defenders of Pink Slime
April 2012

The Vicious Cycle
March 2012

Government for the Super Rich
February 2012

Corruption Costs You
January 2012