The outcome of the Moore v. Harper Supreme Court case could affect every voter in the country. If state politicians get their way, they’d have unchecked power to set federal election rules – regardless of what the state constitution says. Hundreds of state election laws that Americans rely on and fought hard to pass would be at risk.

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Open Letter To The Supreme Court: We Won’t Be Silenced

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Moore v. Harper could lead to the overturning of laws passed by U.S. voters and make politicians less accountable to the voters.

Add your name to our open letter to tell the Court and the nation that people across the political spectrum believe that voters deserve a right to better representation, and the laws we pass should not be overturned.

U.S. Supreme Court Justices,

The fate of our democracy is in your hands. A decision in Moore v. Harper could open the doors to completely upend decades of progress in fixing our broken government by throwing out a century of precedent.

Election laws should not be decided solely by self-serving politicians who can make decisions for partisan and personal gain. Courts and voters should act as a check against this power, so our government represents the voters.

Our democracy is more than just politicians. I urge you to recognize that courts and voters are essential parts of our constitutional system.

Thank you