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  • What is Local Organizing?

    By engaging in your local communities, focusing on recruitment and education, we can build real grassroots infrastructure that can be leveraged to support current, active anti-corruption campaigns, or prepare for inevitable future campaigns.

    Prospective local leaders and new volunteers interested in engaging their communities will be encouraged to:
    1. Educate & Recruit via canvassing and outreach events
    2. Build Coalitions by giving presentations and working with other local groups
    3. Build Community & Action by hosting events including house parties, film screenings, etc.

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  • Host Your Own Event

    Before you start setting up your own RepresentUs event:

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    Once your event has been approved, a National Organizer from RepresentUs will follow up with you!

  • Anti-Corruption Candidate Guide

    An anti-corruption platform is popular among Americans of all political stripes—and it’s good policy. We’ve fought corruption for nearly a decade now, and this guide compiles the best of everything we’ve learned from experienced operatives, policy experts, and local grassroots activists and leaders.

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  • Additional Guides & Trainings

    Check out these additional resources for local organizers:

    Recruiting for your event:

    How to host an event:


Join the Action Brigade :

  • What is the Action Brigade?

    The Action Brigade is a national team of RepresentUs volunteers helping to win anti-corruption victories for campaigns all across the country.

    RepresentUs is constantly evaluating anti-corruption campaigns, looking for efforts that are at the cross-section of policy impact and political viability. We identify the most effective ways that volunteers can support campaigns, even from thousands of miles away, without even having to leave your couch.

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  • Additional Guides & Trainings

    Check out this additional resource for Action Brigade members: