Introducing the Short Film
Unbreaking America's Healthcare

Healthcare is broken because our political system is broken. Watch Sia expose how political bribery keeps healthcare costs high while taking years off our lives — and what you can do right now to #CureCorruption.

Our healthcare system is killing us

Medical costs are the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the U.S.

More than a third of us struggle to pay for healthcare costs. In 2021, we racked up $88 billion in medical debt. We spend more on healthcare than every other developed nation in the world, but lose more of our lives to sickness and disability. How is this possible? Corruption.

Big pharma spends half a billion dollars a year influencing politicians.

The pharmaceutical industry buys off our lawmakers to over-prescribe opioids, triggering the devastating opioid epidemic that has killed 13 times more Americans than the Vietnam War, and has touched all of our lives — including Sia’s.

Lobbying politicians is more profitable than actually improving healthcare

Our political system incentivizes this corrupt behavior.

Big Pharma effectively bribes your representatives to pass laws that will benefit them. They funnel millions into lawmakers’ expensive reelection campaigns, or promise them lucrative industry jobs when they leave office. In fact, nearly 2,000 former members of Congress or staffers are healthcare industry lobbyists right now.

To fix our broken healthcare system we have to cure political corruption.

That means passing laws that make bribery illegal, slam shut the revolving door that lets representatives cash in when they leave office, and stop special interests from anonymously donating millions in “dark” money to your lawmakers.

But we can’t wait for politicians to fix the problem — that’s where you come in.

Passing state laws is the secret to national success. By focusing on state laws, we can go around Congress, change the way we run elections, and build momentum for federal change. It’s the winning strategy used by successful movements and it’s how the anti-corruption movement will win.

The anti-corruption movement unites Americans from across the political spectrum to fight for a government truly of, by, and for the people. Together, we’ve already won 171 anti-corruption victories in states around the country.

Some support the movement by phonebanking or knocking on doors. Others donate each month to fund the front lines of our movement, or spread the anti-corruption message far and wide by sharing videos like this on social media.

If We Do Nothing, Nothing Changes.
But if Each of Us Does Just a Little,
We Are Unstoppable.

Join the movement to cure corruption