On August 30th, thousands of Americans came together for a groundbreaking virtual gala to protect the 2020 election

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Unite With Us to Protect the 2020 Election

Help fund and power VoteSafe, an urgent campaign to protect this year’s election from the challenges of COVID-19. VoteSafe is a cross-partisan coalition chaired by former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge (R-PA) and former Governor Jennifer Granholm (D-MI).

The Problem

In the midst of a global pandemic and a pivotal election, politicians are undermining the security and validity of mail-in voting by interfering with United States Postal Service operations and waging a fear-mongering disinformation campaign. Their actions could make it more difficult for Americans to vote safely, and their shady tactics have already convinced half of Americans that vote by mail invites fraud.

Help Us Power the Next Level of Vital Initiatives

An incredible 300,000 people tuned into our virtual gala, and raised over $2.1 million to protect the 2020 election and #SaveTheVote. With this astonishing success we’ve decided to extend our goal, but we’ll need your help.

With another $50,000 we can double down our efforts and:

  • Launch strategic campaigns in key states to demand that our service members, who vote by mail, have their votes counted before results are called. They fought for us, so we will fight for them.
  • Reach 5 million more moderate and conservative voters in these key states to ensure them that voting absentee by mail is secure and trustworthy, and encourage early voting;

If we hit $250,000, we can do all of the above, and:

  • Launch a full-fledged, national press campaign to fight disinformation about vote by mail, ensuring Americans know it's safe and their vote will be counted with op-eds, letters to the editor, and more.
  • Push this vital messaging out even farther and urge 5-10 million voters in key states to vote early, absentee by mail.

We can’t do this without you.

If we do not fight back, the table is set for a constitutional crisis in which the losing side could claim the 2020 election is fraudulent and thus null and void.

We must Save the Vote.

How You Can Help

  1. Donate to VoteSafe to fund voter outreach, combat politically-motivated disinformation attacks on vote by mail, and educate Americans about their safe voting options.
  2. Watch and share the video of this incredible gala event to learn our strategy and spread the message. The more people who see this, the more Americans we can activate to #SaveTheVote.
  3. Join the movement to protect our elections, unrig our broken political system, and fight for a government of, by, and for the people. Sign up below.

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